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RIP Kramer



I hate to knock you off your soap box DC, but the black guy didn't randomly start heckling Richards... you have it all wrong. He came in late with a group of people and "interupted Richards' act" by ordering drinks from the waitress and was told off by him, to which he responded "you're not even that funny"... now, I'm no expert, but if that is enough "heckling" for him to go THAT far with his racist bullshit then I hope he does get his arse sued for everything he's worth! What a bloody ********! He's lucky he never did stand up in an atmosphere that was ACTUALLY hostile. It doesn't even matter that what he said is racist in my opinion, what matters is that he was doing stand up and couldn't even take the tiniest and flew off his handle over f***ing nothing! The guy was right, THIS is why all he's ever really done is Seinfeld.

On a side note, did anyone see the interview with him on Letterman? Did anyone else find it funny when Seinfeld said "stop laughing, it's not funny"? That episode is right, Jerry can't not be funny.


the black guys a pussy...should bashed the **** out of him...at least shoot him..

ya gotta say...the black guy was smart...thought bout the situation.."ima get paid tonight!!" :D

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