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RIP Keith Flint (lead singer of the Prodigy)

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Oct 30, 2014
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Very sad news, I don’t think there’s anything more upsetting than suicide. I feel for his poor family and friends.

On a personal level, I’ve got very strong teenage memories of The Prodigy. I wasn’t into EDM, although I loved The Fat of the Land I put it aside and convinced myself that rock music was the only music that mattered but then Prodigy played at Reading (2002 I think). I was the only one of my grungy punk friends who went and had just the best time dancing like a mentalist in a field to loud music. I came away realising I’d been a narrow-minded arsehole and great music was just great music. I’m still not massively into dance music but that show genuinely changed me forever in terms of my attitude to music.

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