Ronaldinho to chelsea?

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by yeyearaya, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. yeyearaya

    yeyearaya Guest

    i just wondering if the stories about Ronaldinho tired up in Barcelona and going to Chelsea was true.
    I think he must stay in Barcelona, and complete de fantastic four, what do you preffer? Barcelona or Chelsea
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  3. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    I can't wait until the money runs out for Chelsea...if Ronaldinho moves to Chelsea I don't think he will be as effective as at Barcelona...just have a feeling....
  4. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Dont think he's going now.
  5. Damien007

    Damien007 Guest

    His manager that its also his brother told to the media that in 2008 Ronaldinho will sign a contract with Chelsea for like 85 mil € ;)
  6. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    He himself told the press he wasn't leaving Barcelona. There are also rumours about Milan wanting to buy him, to team him up with Kaka. Although Ronaldo doesn't like that ide, since he's also playing at Milan atm.

    Ronaldinho's contract with Barcelona doesn't expire until 2010, but who knows? I hope he'll stay at barça though :p

    I also heard this is one of the reasons he'll stay:
  7. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    His buy out clause would be HUUUUUUUUUUUGE...the GDP of Poland size...
  8. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    His buy out clause would be HUUUUUUUUUUUGE...the GDP of Poland size... [/b][/quote]

    might as well buy one little island for his retirement.
  9. Zimboy

    Zimboy Guest

    As far as i know he said he is not ging anywhere, but then again so did Henry and look how that turned out. As for Chelsea, running out of money is the least of their problems right now
  10. axemurder

    axemurder Guest

    they had the money and i belive rolandinho moving to the premiere ligue would be nice
  11. Neverforever

    Neverforever Guest

    I think Ronaldinho can't go to chelsea
  12. alexviv

    alexviv Guest

    Ronaldinho will go to Milan
  13. sEnzje

    sEnzje Guest

    think it would be a bad move for ronaldinho if he goes to chelsea
  14. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    As long as he doesn't move to Madrid, no one gets hurt, so he can do whatever he wants.

    My guess is, he's staying right where he is, just an idea though.
  15. pespes

    pespes Guest

    Ronaldinho will stay for the moment in Barcelone
  16. mofo

    mofo Guest

    I don't know why Chelsea would want to buy Ronaldinho, it would be a complete change in the way they play and there is definatly not a given that Ronaldinho could adapt to the premiership
  17. legou

    legou Guest

    as every time i think it would be just a murmur
  18. jaistar

    jaistar Guest

    no way!!! his style is not suit with chelsea...
  19. juan91

    juan91 Guest

    I've heart that Lampard may go chelsea to a spanish club...
    And Abramobich:)P) may bring Kaka to Chelsea .p

  20. elcaras

    elcaras Guest

    I don't think it would be a good move for ronaldinho, chelsea game doesn't suit him at all.
  21. vinhqwerty

    vinhqwerty Guest

    This rumour happens every year but it won't happen, especially with the new coach
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