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Round 10. Highlanders v Chiefs



The Chiefs after almost undoing the Blues last week take on the Highlanders in Dunedin.
I’m looking forward to this game, if the Chiefs can keep up the pressure they showed against the Blues then they just might take this one out.
Having players return from injury has been significant for the Chiefs, it was obvious last week the quality of players like Steven Bates, Richard Kahui, Jono Gibbes and Keith Robinson amke the Chiefs look like a different team.

For mine this one will come down to who’s playing on the day, if the Chiefs can field a full strength squad then the Highlanders are going to be in trouble.
The Chiefs always fire up when taking on NZ sides..they're like a bug in your undies always irritating the **** out of you.

But the Highlanders are also fired up after their morale-boosting victory against the Cheetahs and some of their young players are starting to show their true potential. Players like Soakai.

I think the Highlanders will win this close battle.

Highlanders by 7.
Well if the Chiefs lose it will definitely be by 7.

But gogo Chiefs, by 8 points.
Head to Head:

1 â€" Clarke Dermody, 2 â€" Anton Oliver, 3 â€" Carl Hayman, 4 â€" Hoani MacDonald, 5 â€" James Ryan, 6 â€" Craig Newby (captain), 7 â€" Alando Soakai, 8 â€" Ezra Taylor, 9 â€" Jimmy Cowan, 10 â€" Nick Evans, 11 â€" Viliame Waqaseduadua, 12 â€" Aaron Bancroft, 13 â€" Matt Saunders, 14 â€" Lucky Mulipola, 15 â€" James Wilson.
Reserves: 16 â€" Jason MacDonald, 17 â€" Chris King, 18 â€" Kane Thompson, 19 â€" Hale T-Pole, 20 â€" Toby Morland, 21 â€" Charlie Hore, 22 â€" Callum Bruce.

1 â€" Simms Davison, 2 â€" Tom Willis (captain), 3 â€" Nathan White, 4 â€" Kristian Ormsby, 5 â€" Keith Robinson, 6 â€" Steven Bates, 7 â€" Marty Holah, 8 â€" Sione Lauaki, 9 â€" Byron Kelleher, 10 â€" Stephen Donald, 11 â€" Roy Kinikinilau, 12 â€" Niva Ta'auso, 13 â€" Richard Kahui, 14 â€" Lelia Masaga, 15 â€" Sitiveni Sivivatu.
Reserves: 16 â€" Aled de Malmanche, 17 â€" Ben Castle, 18 â€" Jono Gibbes, 19 â€" Liam Messam, 20 â€" Brendon Leonard, 21 â€" Murray Williams, 22 â€" Dwayne Sweeney.

Thats a big front row for the Highlanders! The Chiefs are going to have their work cut out for them trying to control the scrum. The Chiefs however look pretty tight in the locks department with Robinson in the pack.
The Chiefs I think have got a clear edge in the lose forwards... Bates, Holah and Lazy Lauaki and Messam on the bench.
Interesting move from the Cheifs to DUMP Lavea (good move boys, good move) and replace him with the power house Ta'auso at 12. Lookling forqard to seeing how this backline works as I've felt that this is a better line up. Sivi at 15 to take over for injured Mils should be worth watching (sweeney hasn't offered to much this season, he hasn't been as bad as Lavea but still have had trouble returning the ball to the line).
Also there should be a good battle in the half back department, a lot of people have been praising Cowan, but for mine most of the time he's had to pull finger and cover his mistakes.

Going with the Chiefs in this one all the way, if Willis can control the front row the Chiefs backline and Lose forwards should be able to control the game. Thats a dangerous backline from the Chiefs with 11, 14 and 15 all more than happy to run it back at the line.

Plus they are not fielding Lavea! wahoooooooooooooooooooooooo.
With all these players going to the UK why can't someone pack Lavea's bags for him.
He might be a stand out at NPC level but Super 14 - not even.
good win by the chiefs.. heaps of bonus points in this match, highlanders walk away with 2 points..

both teams will be on 22 points after 9 rounds, makes the chase for 3rd and 4th spot all the more interesting
The team defence, and individual for that matter, was non-existent today but this game was fun to watch. It is certainly the most fun I've had as a neutral spectator in a long time. There should be more 2:30 games, I like them playing in the afternoon.
great game to watch. runing rugby at it's best. the defence may not have been too flash but a lot of those tries were very good moves in the backs which even the best defence would have had a hard time stopping.
heh...didnt expect that running game from the highlanders..diffinetly a entertaining match