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Round 10: Reds v Bulls

Latham is a huge loss

Half Time13-14 Bulls

Reds dominating the match dominating the forward battle but the Bulls got a couple of typical :zzz: tries

The Bulls are still yet to string more than two passes together
Reds win 20-19:D

The Bulls were lucky to get as close as they did , they really offered nothing in attack,there scrum was dominated and i dont remember them making one line break all night.

Now i need to find some good pics :D
Pretty shitful game from both sides... both teams made more mistakes than anything positive... Bulls maybe after this game have no chance of making the semi's.
Originally posted by Wally+Apr 14 2006, 01:59 PM-->
<!--QuoteBegin-The TRUTH!!
@Apr 13 2006, 08:08 PM
Lets have a little bet then

If the bulls win i'll change my sig to a Bulls pic of your choice for a week

If the Reds win you change your sig to a Reds pic of my choice for a week

You up for it?
The Reds won't win :cheers: [/b]
Just for the record I (the Qld hating NSWelsman) backed the reds to win this one :D
I'm surprised at you wally! It ended up pretty close, but it's been pretty clear the bulls aren't exactly your natural attacking side and were always gonna struggle against your lot in Qld.

But hey, anyway congrats to the reds, they showed guts!
Valentine had a good game didn't he? Those sniping runs were the major factor in the reds winning the game!

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