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Round 11. Chiefs v W Force

Shame, damn shame - liked the looks of him (he looks pretty young?).
Should have gone to France, they speak better english than the Poms.
is there a chance that Sivivatu will get suspended by the NZRFU for assulting his wife?

he was discharged without conviction so its up to the NZRFU and the chiefs to decide if he gets extra punnishment.
Shamed Sivivatu escapes conviction

Thursday, April 12, 2007

All Blacks star Sitiveni Sivivatu escaped a conviction Thursday which could have ended his World Cup dreams after admitting in court to a charge of assaulting his wife.

Judge Phillip Connell said publicity surrounding the case was sufficient penalty and discharged Sivivatu without conviction, saying the assault was at the lower end of the scale of offending.

Earlier, the court was told the star winger would be unable to play in this year's World Cup in France if convicted and would be unable to travel to some countries.

But the judge refused a request by Sivivatu and his wife for his name to continue to be suppressed.

"I'm really sorry about what I did, I totally regret it,'' Sivivatu told reporters afterwards. "I just want to move on.''

The Fijian-born winger was charged after police were called to his home on March 19 after he slapped his wife twice. The judge said the injuries to Sivivatu's wife were minor.

Sivivatu was also ordered to pay court costs of $NZ300 ($265) and $NZ1,000 ($880) to a charity.

The 24-year-old has scored 14 tries in 12 Tests for the All Blacks since his debut in 2005 and plays in the Super 14 competition for the Waikato Chiefs.


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The Force are lucky the Chiefs are down with injuries. Otherwise the Chiefs would be HUGE favourites for this match.

Get ya hand off it mimic

Force are also missing their fair share of players.... had all our players been 100% fit - Staniforth,Henjak,Cannon,Pocock and Scott would most likely be in our starting 15.


I don't know much about the Chiefs, so this is only from what I know. Someone associated with the Chiefs would know more than me.

Just listing a few names I don't see in the 22 for the Chiefs.

Mils Muliaina, Sosene Anesi, Richard Kahui, Niva Tau'aso, Marty Holah, Jamie Nutbrown. Toby Lynn? I don't see him on the bench, and he's been pretty awesome the last time I watched him play. Awesome replacement when Robinson was injured.

I know Holah is being rested.

Last I heard, Pocock and Staniforth are on the bench? Thats better than the Chiefs.
Scott? Sorry, but the only Scott I know is Scott Fava :p

If those backs for the chiefs were available, they'd be a lot more potent than they already are.
It would also enable Sivivatu to play on the wing, rather than fill in for Fullback.
Holah has always been one of their stars. He's had a few rough games lately, which might be why he's being rested?
Guess Sivi and Smashing Sam have a lot to talk about it, lead with the left, upper cut and then straight in the Head butt?

Head to Head:
15 Sitiveni Sivivatu, 14 Lelia Masaga, 13 Dwayne Sweeney, 12 Tasesa Lavea, 11 Roy Kinikinilau, 10 Stephen Donald, 9 Byron Kelleher; 8 Sione Lauaki, 7 Tanerau Latimer, 6 Liam Messam, 5 Keith Robinson, 4 Jono Gibbes ©, 3 Nathan White, 2 Tom Willis, 1 Aled de Malmanche. Reserves: 16 Simms Davison, 17 Ben Castle, 18 Kristian Ormsby, 19 Steven Bates, 20 Brendon Leonard, 21 Tane Tu'ipulotu, 22 Jared Payne.

15 Drew Mitchell, 14 Digby Ioane, 13 Ryan Cross, 12 Junior Pelesasa, 11 Cameron Shepherd, 10 Matt Giteau, 9 Chris O'Young; 8 Scott Fava, 7 Matt Hodgson, 6 Richard Brown, 5 Nathan Sharpe ©, 4 Rudi Vedelago, 3 AJ Whalley, 2 Tai McIsaac, 1 Gareth Hardy. Reserves: 16 Luke Holmes, 17 Troy Takiari, 18 David Pusey, 19 Luke Doherty, 20 Jon McGrath, 21 James Hilgendorf, 22 Scott Staniforth.

Go the Chiefs!
I think Sam must've given a few lessons while he was down there in Waikato last year
Lauaki must have watching but got it wrong and just smacked a close family relative, never could get it right that boy. :mellow:
edit those posts about the other all black..
he has permanent name suppression.
you can get this forum in abit of **** if it gets out.

when i say 'gets out' i mean the fact that this forum mentioned it.

everyone knows who it is anyway... but its not worth getting the forum into trouble.
You gotta feel sorry for Wendell Sailor, he gets a 2year suspension for having a line of blow on his day off.... while a bunch of All Blacks kick the **** out of their wives and get off scot free. :huh:
well... not really...
Sivi slapped his wife in the face and on the arm. while its cowardly and not something we would condone.. the judge didnt convict him because the fact that he travels on a Fijian passport will make it difficult for him to make a living. not a punnishment that really fits what he did.

the fact that he was named and shamed is a big punnishment on its own.

Wendell broke a drug testing policy. something internal. while i dont think he should have been doubt with as harsh as he was(considering it wasnt performance enhancing) he knew what he did will effect his rugby directly.
Um Wendell also had a couple of bad marks on his record prior to that, I think those were weighed up in his sentence as well.
I'd say that Sivi doesn't go on the bash regularly as such women often get that battered women thingy and from the sounds of it he just gave her a lil slap in the face and she was off like a shot to the coppers. So nah I reckon the punishment and public shame are bad enough not to mention the missus was trying to withdraw the charge afterwards, but the cops pursued it. She probably did a little math after the fact and realised no all blacks and no rugby mean big spending cutback.
Chiefs win 64-36

Just to think, 2 weeks ago, the Force were sitting pretty on 3rd place, conceding only what, 10 tries in 8 matches?

Chiefs with 4 wins, are now in the top 4, lolz..

They're on equal points with the Brumbies, but they have a better points differential.
Missed the game due to working in Waihi but wow, sounds like a weird game.

And sounds very weird to hear the Chiefs are in the top 4 (even if it is just for a short while).
one word pwnt

force have huge problems conceding another 50+ scoreline. I would hate to be a force supporter atm watching your seemingly semi-final bound team get flogged by huge margins 2 weeks in a row.
Force attack looks quite good but when your defence is leaking 50 points you are in trouble.
one word pwnt

force have huge problems conceding another 50+ scoreline. I would hate to be a force supporter atm watching your seemingly semi-final bound team get flogged by huge margins 2 weeks in a row.

The only wankers driving the Force semi-finalist drivel is the the crappy media here who are starved of positive results from the other aussie teams.
The 2nd half of the season was always gonna be the biggest test and clearly shows that they have a lot of work to do in order to be a genuine contender. me personally i think they will probably only win one more game by the end of the season and miss out of the top 4 but ill still be satisfied by the huge improvement from last year.

On the game....what happened to O'Young? I missed the first 15 minutes. mcGrath showed he was way out of his depth at times. The Cheifs looked like they were gonna score everytime they had possession. I dont rate the forces chances next week against the brumbies if they continue playing with defense like that.

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