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Round 3: Cheetahs v Waratahs



I’m looking forward to this one, the Cheetahs have really impressed me with their effort in the beginning of the season. Keep your eye on them as they could be around come semis time (early I know, but think there’s a good playing style coming through).

And then there’s the Tah’s, could have been a different week for them last week if Peter Hewat’s boot had been on the mark.

No injury notices as yet…

I’m going for the Cheetahs… mainly to being impressed with the team overall but mainly due to the Tah’s looking tired on it.

Plus the severely over-rated Tuqiri, the over weight Turinui and the ‘hope the don’t rate him’ Halangahu are just not clicking.

Cheetahs by 4
I agree with everything you said there except for the scoreline.

Cheetahs by 15.
Here is the Cheetahs line-up:

15- Philip Burger
14-Eddie Fredericks
13- Marius Joubert
12-Meyer Bosman
11- Ronnie Cooke
10- Herkie Kruger
9- Falie Oelschig
8- Darren Nell
7- Juan Smith
6- Kabamba Floors(eventually in the starting line-up, hopefully some fantasy league points for me!)
5- Corniel van Zyl
4- Bian Vermaak- unknown quantity at this level
3- Jannie Du Plessis
2- Adriaan Strauss
1- Wian Du Preez

16- Richart Strauss
17- Supersub fattie CJ vd Linde
18- Henro Scholtz
19- Ryno vd Merwe
20- Michael Claassens
21-Gavin Passens
22- Tiger Mangweni

Pretty handy line-up, Rassie going for consistency, and for the bigger pack this time around, with Darren Nell at 8.

The match to be played in Kimberly, possibly the hardest ground in SA, it`s never green, more likely to be white! Herkie Kruger is an inspired choice at 10, it`s his home ground, and he`ll know all about weighting grubbers etc.

Looks like Kurtley Beale will get a start for the Tahs- could be a lot to ask of the youngster at 10, especially on a hard field like this, and where kicking out of hand might be very important. I`m going for a comfortable victory for the Cheetahs.
Cheetahs for the win.
Been impressed with their form and my hatred for ewen mckenzie means i'll always barrack against the warahtahs..
What does everyone think of Kurtley Beale? The youngest player in Super 14 history, three games in, and he's already one of the Waratah's best. This kid has a future.
Not with that kind of defensive display.

He can score and set-up some good looking tries and he can also let in some tries.

He better get his tackling straightened out or he will be a 'star-that-never-was'.
That was a super impressive first start from Kurtley, it's pretty obvious this kid is something special.Obviously his defence needs to improve but he's just a kid, that'll come in time, just look at how much Berrick's defence has improved this year, he's one of the top tacklers in the S14 so far this year.

That try Beale scored in second half was pure class!... thats the future of OZ rugby right there.

Phil Waugh looks like he'll miss the rest of the season and could be doubtfull for the RWC, so basically, the Tahs are screwed.They're already missing Vickerman,Kanaar,Lyons and Dunning.... add that to the players that left last season (Rogers,Sailor,Hoiles,Whitaker,Houston) and they have some serious depth issues.

Sam Harris is a complete waste of space, how he ever got in the starting lineup is beyond me, especially when you've got Turinui sitting on the bench.Tahs need to sort out their centre combo quick smart if they have any serious ambitions of making the semis this year.Guys like Tuqiri,SNK and Hewat are entirely dependant on the pill being distributed to them, and with the current Tahs centre combo, they have no chance of getting any quality ball.

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