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Round 3: Hurricanes v Blues



For Kiwi fans this is the match of the round (for Aussies I’d be saying the Brumbies vs the Reds). Both teams one last week (the Blues with an only just).
Still don’t think that the Canes have hit form yet and have been playing on individual efforts rather than team ethos.

The Blues, well I’m not sure what they are doing. They’re winning which is good…
One thing going for the Blues is the abundance of talent they have in their backs… so many options.

Injuries look like Hurricanes prop Tim Fairbrother has been ruled out and I read somewhere that Tialata may be out as well?
Tuitupo and Toeieva possibly back for the Blues… and have not heard of any injuries.

Should be a good match up this, both teams have a pretty even forward pack and a slight edge to the Blues in the backline.

I’m going to go against the grain and go with the Canes on this one, Canes by 4
Only one change for the Blues starting line up, Toeava is back at center meaning Tuitavake moves back to the wing. Tuitupou is also back but he is on the bench. Gibson still keeps his place ( i think because of Nucifora's at least one retard selection policy).

Blues: George Pisi, Doug Howlett, Isaia Toeava, Luke McAlister, Anthony Tuitavake, Isa Nacewa, David Gibson, Jerome Kaino, Daniel Braid, Angus Macdonald, Troy Flavell (captain), Greg Rawlinson John Afoa, Derren Witcombe, Saimone Taumoepeau. Reserves: Chris Heard, Nick White, Anthony Boric, Justin Collins, Steve Devine, Sam Tuitupou, Ben Atiga.
match of the round for sure. im still waiting to see what david smith can do at this level. hope he does something
Hey Cheeky... always good to post positions...

BLUES: 15 George Pisi, 14 Doug Howlett, 13 Isaia Toeava, 12 Luke McAlister, 11 Anthony Tuitavake, 10 Isa Nacewa, 9 David Gibson, 8 Jerome Kaino, 7 Daniel Braid, 6 Angus Macdonald, 5 Troy Flavell ©, 4 Greg Rawlinson, 3 John Afoa, 2 Derren Witcombe, 1 Saimone Taumoepeau. reserves: 16 Chris Heard, 17 Nick White, 18 Anthony Boric, 19 Justin Collins, 20 Steve Devine, 21 Sam Tuitupou, 22 Ben Atiga.
That's a good looking lineup but I would have wanted Tuitavake to remain at centre and put Toeava to fullback thus shifting Pisi to the wing in place of Wulf.

Anyway, BLUES by a lot.
Not to sure about that Juggernaut... Canes are starting to build momentum.
Should be a good match though, good back lines from both parties... strong forward packs.

Not sure what the Canes line up is going to be but can expect a lot of running at Toeava and McAlister to test their defence.

Another thing I expect... fist to fly... ***o on Flavell, ***o will have to try and rark him up.
both tight fives have been performing poorly...you guys forget who sets the game up for the backs and its these big fellaz upfront...they have been the worse of the nz teams...and id go as far and say the worse in the competition...both scrums over-rated..both line outs as messy as hell..and ruck play has been below par to pure ****..truth truth!!..

so..this is one of those local darbies that henry and co will keep a close close eye on...if thats not the incentive then playing decent rugby and winning should be...and we should have ourselves a cracking game

isaia and howell meet there makers in the super14 level...

ice will be taking on his mentor of the past year or so..big tana schmana..should make for interesting viewing...the most anticipated battle is the back 3 battle....WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO...i hope nonu isnt playing but he does perform well against the blues and auckland teams for that matter...

but...i hope the crap forward packs sharpen up...

staunch fan i am...blues by 12
well, the Blues have an excuse.

Mealamu and Woodcock are missing from the front row.

These new scrums might be hampering their techniques also, but we just don't know at the mo.

Should be an awesome game.

Blues are lucky I guess that they don't have to front up against Collins and So'oialo.

I Hope the Blues take it out 13+ :D
Good to see the Blues supporters coming out and backing their side.
Some great one on ones here... I agree with Chiro that the kiwi forwards are somewhat lacking with the expectations that we expect... but fairs fair and both of these teams have the names but are still not showing any dominance.

This is a GREAT oppurtunity for the forwards to step up, ***o on Flavel, Rawlinson on Andrews... look at the front rows... if Auckland think this is going to be a walk over - then nope your listening to much to your own hype.

Look forward to seeing the Canes selection... one last thing to Blues supporters... watch out for Ma', reckon there going to be a big 13 on his back with Tana on the bench...
blues dont have an excuse...dont be silly...afoa,tamoepeau and whitcombe have all been allblacks...they were murdered in the scrums 2weeks in a row..that is not acceptable for them..if they want to make the allblacks..or if they want to set the foundation for there backs..

and to add to that..they were murdered by australian scrums...possibly the worst scrums in world rugby on the international scale
Agree... getting hammered by the Aussies upfront (regardless of missing) is not good enough... from any kiwi side.

Step up boys.

The only 'advantage' for the blues is the Canes are without 6 and 8.
In the overall picture of things... that's not a lot, sure it's something but have a look at what the Highlanders and the Crusaders are going through
Head to Head:
15 George Pisi
14 Doug Howlett
13 Isaia Toeava
12 Luke McAlister
11 Anthony Tuitavake
10 Isa Nacewa
9 David Gibson
8 Jerome Kaino
7 Daniel Braid
6 Angus Macdonald
5 Troy Flavell ©
4 Greg Rawlinson
3 John Afoa
2 Derren Witcombe
1 Saimone Taumoepeau
16 Chris Heard
17 Nick White
18 Anthony Boric
19 Justin Collins
20 Steve Devine
21 Sam Tuitupou
22 Ben Atiga.

POSSIBLE Hurricanes:
15 Cory Jane
14 Hosea Gear
13 Tana Umaga ©
12 Tamati Ellison
11 Ma'a Nonu
10 Jimmy Gopperth
9 Alby Mathewson
8 Thomas Waldrom
7 Serge Lilo
6 Luke Andrews
5 Bernie Upton
4 Paul ***o
3 Neemia Tialata
2 Tone Kopelani
1 John Schwalger/Tony Penn
16 Mahonri Schwalger
17 Penn/Anthony Perenise
18 Brad Mika
19 Hayden Hopgood
20 Chris Smylie
21 David Smith
22 Shannon Paku.
doesn't get much bigger than this. this is always a big clash and this year will be no different especially with a few world cup spots up for grabs. while most of the ab line-up will have been picked there are still a few spots up for grabs and both teams will be hoping to perform well and also win.

there will defintely be big hits and proabbly some biffo(***o and flavell on the same field something has to happen) and with the talent out wide some sizzzling tries. but it all starts upfront and that is where the real struggle will be. both teams have struggled there in their first few games and will be looking to improve to unleash their deadly backs. this game could also be high-scoring as both teams love to spread the ball around. I am a blues man through and through so my tip is blue by 12.
indeedy!!!..this should be a fun game to view....

just a question...where is faatau?..where is nicky williams??
Faatau went overseas at the end of last year didn't he? And I assume Nick Williams is in the dog house for some reason or another - Nucifora never seemed to fully like using him, despite his strong form in the times he played last year.

15.Cory Jane
14.Hosea Gear
13.Tana Umaga (captain)
12.Ma'a Nonu
11.David Smith
10.Jimmy Gopperth
9.Alby Mathewson
8.Thomas Waldrom
7.Serge Lilo
6.Luke Andrews
5.Bernie Upton
4.Paul ***o
3.Neemia Tialata
2.Tone Kopelani
1.John Schwalger

Reserves: Mahonri Schwalger, Anthony Perenise, Bradley Mika, Nili Latu, Chris Smylie, Tamati Ellison, Shannon Paku

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