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Round 6: Blues v Lions

I thought I was watching the Crusaders play, Blues turned the ball over and a few seconds later try Blues. Attack didn't suffer without McAlister or Isa.
Congrats to the Blues- just a massive gulf in class between the two sides really. Blues were just that much better in every aspect of play.

Hopefully, this young Lions side will learn from this defeat and grow from it- they`ve shown great resolve this year, and will need all of it to not be disheartened by what was, by all accounts, a lesson in how the great game of rugby should be played.
my 2 cents...rudi wulf is holding his own out there which is good to see. david holwell did his best but still not my number 1 1st 5. great 2 see taniela moa getting a run. dougy howlett still SO FAST. ice toeava what can we say about him..im 80% sure hel be on the plance to france. the only team i can see stopping the blues would be the hurricanes
Just watching the TV3 match report on Allblacks.com. Very funny how Doug Howlett and Rose had their altercation...then later on Howlett of all people does this big hit on Rose and gives him an earfull lol!

Blues vs Lions match highlights

Gee....I don't think anyone in NZ has seen Howlett do a big hit. He normally goes for the safe tackle. However this time he just went for the big one and flew into Rose with abandon....lol....the reason it is so funny is because it is HOWLETT :lol: :lol:
Would be good to see him keep it up actual... would help his chances to regain his spot in the AB's if he showed a bit more attitude.

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