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Round 6: Brumbies v Stormers



That Brumbies attack looked much better this week especially with Mortlock back. Huxley kicking was good as usual but his decision making is really starting to fall. He seems to be kicking the ball away when we don't need to and doesn't take it up to the line enough.


It was very much the Brumbies of old we`ve all come to respect- great running lines, great phase-play, great retention of possession- typically effective Brumbies rugger. And yes, Mortlock definately made a helluva difference, he was just massive.

For the Stormers, the Jeckyll and Hyde show continues- if they`re up against a side that plays crap like the Canes did last week, they`ve got the pace out wide to exploit it, and to feed off the errors. Sadly for them, the Brumbies gave no freebies out there, and they were devoid of any plans on attack.

Tight phases were pretty even, which actually shows an improvement on the part of the Stormers tight 5, but the big difference was in the phase-play, where the Brumbies protected and improved upon the quality of possession on every occasion. The Stormers, though, seems to have found out a new way of playing phase-play- reduce the quality of the possession after each phase! Sadly, this cunning ploy failed this week.

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