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Round 8: Blues v Bulls



Bulls (5th on the ladder) take on the Blues (11th) in Auckland.
The only interesting thing in this game is who’s going to being playing 1st5 for the Blues.
As much as I want to write the Blues off I won’t until the teams are announced.
Bulls would have to play pretty shitful though for the Blues to take it out.
Op die Blou Bulle!!! This is a huge chance for them to gain the maximum 5 points and enter the top 4. :)

My prediction is they will get the 5 points. B)
Originally posted by Groen_en_Goud@Mar 27 2006, 02:07 PM
Op die Blou Bulle!!! This is a huge chance for them to gain the maximum 5 points and enter the top 4. :)

My prediction is they will get the 5 points. B)
Are you serious??? The Bulls didn't get 4 tries against the FORCE FFS! What makes you think they'll do it against the Blues???
Big call Dude, big call.
I'd say that the Blues camp at the moment would be a pretty shitful place to be, they'd have a lot of internal **** happening, Coaching, captaincy, 1st5, props... if they can pull it out of the bag (regardless of the Bulls weak effort against the Force) they need to step up and show a lot of character - a lot.
I'm pretty confident the Blues will win this one.

The Bulls are useless in attack,i cant remember the last time they scored a well worked try

There just as bad in defence,gaps galore,slow in the mid field

...and there scrum is no longer the dominant force© it use to be.

The only things they have going for them is there linouts,Matfield,Habana in space and the fortress that is loftus at altitude.

Even the Blues gimpish backs should have no problem cutting there defence apart.

Blues by 15
The Bulls didn't play well this weekend against the Force, they should have put 40 points on them. They'll need to play a lot better to beat the Blues. Bulls need to play with heart!
Think there is no problem with the Bulls playing with heart as thus far they are.. winning. Think there biggest problem is something that the Blues are facing... getting the ball out wide with space. Habana hasn't had a sniff at the ball with space yet (most of his brilliance has been in defence, good tackler, the best interceptor in the game in the world today or from opportunities that he has created for himself). It’s not heart that’s missing... attitude that’s what’s missing.
Yes we really need to get the ball out wide to Habana, he doesn't get any chance to show what he can do with the ball in hand. The Bulls play a little bit too conservative. They should also learn to counter attack when the ball is kicked to them.
yeh habana is the best winger in the world to me...his overall work ethic on the field is that of any workhorse forward....coz he looks for the gamebreaker he doesnt just wait for his team to provide em with it...

im backing the blues to win....although i can picture one of laveas passes thats gonna result in a footrace between habana and the blues back 3...and if we has ol rupeni caucau back i wud say we would have a strong chance againts habanas speed...
Well I'm a Chiefs supporter (you can't help where you are born) so calling things for the Blues is not really up to me... BUT no thanks, thank god Henry had the sense to **** him off. Leave him in 5th division land where he belongs...
Wow, Chiefs supporter :bravo: you are a hammer head, aren`t you ? :D Do you know that before 2 seasons ago you were the only NZ team that didn`t make the semis? :D

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