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Round 9: Brumbies v Cheetahs



Brumbies (ranked 4th on the ladder) take on the Cheetahs (7th). Brumbies have had a week off and will be looking to put in a solid performance after a shaky game against the Chiefs on their last outing. Expect to see the Cheetah's to put in some extra yards after going down to the Tah’s last weekend.
This is a must win situation! Will we recover and get those 4 points (perhaps 5 :D )? Hopefully yes!
Nup, Brumbies will win this one. With Paul more or less back to full strength and no other injury concerns we will have to much speed in the backs. Forward contest will be interesting.
Is Giteau playing??

Doesn't matter anyway coz the Brumbies will win this one easy.

No CJ this week Rassie :D thats a big loss
Brumbies have not been playing like the legends that they should be with the names that they have, Mortlock has been the only one that has been a real stand out, Bernie (sill have his effort against the Chiefs in mind) has not been what I'd call a game breaker... if the Cheetahs can play with some sense of attack then winning is a possibility (and if they lose I bet it won't be by a big score).

1 Nic Henderson
2 Jeremy Paul
3 Guy Shepherdson
4 Alister Campbell
5 Mark Chisholm
6 Daniel Heenan
7 George Smith
8 Adam Wallace-Harrison

9 George Gregan
10 Stephen Larkham
11 Mark Gerrard
12 Matt Giteau
13 Stirling Mortlock ©
14 Clyde Rathbone
15 Adam Ashley-Cooper

16 James McCormack
17 Bill Young
18 Radike Samo
19 Julian Salvi
20 Patrick Phibbs
21 Gene Fairbanks
22 Joel Wilson
Still in debate!

Draw a cheeseburger on bloody traitor`s jersey and i guarantee you Os will catch him ! :D
Originally posted by Rassie@Apr 6 2006, 07:36 PM
Still in debate!

Draw a cheeseburger on bloody traitor`s jersey and i guarantee you Os will catch him ! :D
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats if Ollie doesn't beat him to it
Head to Head:
Brumbies: 15 Adam Ashley-Cooper, 14 Clyde Rathbone, 13 Stirling Mortlock (captain), 12 Matt Giteau, 11 Mark Gerrard, 10 Stephen Larkham, 9 George Gregan, 8 Adam Wallace-Harrison, 7 George Smith, 6 Daniel Heenan, 5 Mark Chisholm, 4 Alister Campbell, 3 Guy Shepherdson, 2 Jeremy Paul, 1 Nic Henderson.
Replacements: 16 James McCormack, 17 Bill Young, 18 Radike Samo, 19 Julian Salvi, 20 Patrick Phibbs, 21 Gene Fairbanks, 22 Joel Wilson

Cheetahs: 15 Bevin Fortuin, 14 Giscard Pieters, 13 Ronnie Cooke, 12 Barry Goodes, 11 Sinethemba Zweni, 10 Meyer Bosman, 9 Michael Claassens, 8 Frans Viljoen, 7 Ockie van Zyl, 6 Ryno van der Merwe (captain), 5 Barend Pieterse, 4 Corniel van Zyl, 3 Jannie du Plessis, 2 Tiaan Liebenberg, 1 Os du Randt.
Replacements: 16 Wian du Preez, 17 Ollie le Roux, 18 Cobus Grobler, 19 Kabamba Floors, 20 Keith Lowen, 21 Willem de Waal, 22 Eddie Fredericks.
Who's going to be stupid enough to run into BIG Os du Randt this week... please let in be Gregan, or Bernie.. yeah Bernie
The Brumbies shouldn't have any problems winning lineout ball. They have 4 jumpers.
Lineout was a problem but the Brumbies are slowly getting back to their best.
Attack looked awesome in the second half. One worrying sign is Adam Ashley Copper, hes great in attack apart from his Cullen moment, but under the high ball he doesn't look safe at all. I hope he works on that before the finals.

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