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Round 9: Chiefs v Blues

one try shy of another bonus point! but a close fought victory none the less...lmao @ gg...dawg forget about it and dont text me that chief bullshit..i dont understand hamiltonian gibberish hahahha

toeava in that 13 jersey???..this was a local darby and he keeps proving his damn worth!...he only lacks experience!!!...but he so freakin dangerous he steped around sivivatu like he was doing a mirror imaga of one of siti's sidestep moves....ice is class!!!

lmao @ robinson..i love the dude and what he has to offer the game but the minute he stepped on greg rawlinsons toes HE GOT OWNED!!!...rawlinson outshun everyone in that lineout...and we can certainly say that if flavell was their the game would have opened up much easier for the blues

they put alot of pressure around our ruck and im quite glad that luke went off early as he did..coz sams defense and short range attack got our backline flowing through a very tight game...luke wouldve struggled to make the dents that sam the slam would have in that chiefs team

kinikinilau?...i dont understand why coaches bother woth him...highlanders and canes all let him go becoz of his lackluster work ethic and yet you have a guy like masaga who just touches the ball and steam rolls atiga over like a little kid..

i dunno...worse coaches of the year goes to the chiefs and canes..australians have the excuse of having a totalled injury toll,while the canes and the chiefs have had the depth but no direction

as for the blues???...

mealamu is back on fire...ali williams looks ****** off...flavell is 10 times the player he was 5years ago...our backline is classic auckland at its best..and we have the luxary to bench rokocoko,nick williams,tuitevake and other starting players...

is it me or does mealmu look more beefier?

Toeava had another solid game.. Kahui had some touches of class in there.. This was an awesome match, despite the handling errors..
Slammin Sammie's still got it.. He pretty much sparked things..

Nacewa had a shocker.. Too baad McAlister went off with an injury

Braid is really playing well..

lol @ Ali.. He was ready to go.. Good luck picking your locks next week when Flavell is back, as Boric is ****..

It really showed how the Blues missed Flavell in the 1st half..
Well I was disappointed that Sivi is not only looking slow but seems to have lost a lot of his agility too. Hopefully he's just super rusty and just needs a few more games.
Well I hope a few of the knives have been withdrawn for poor old Lavea. He played reasonably well and didn't do too much wrong and even managed to pick up the Chiefs only try. If anyone needs to be lynched its Donald. This guy is absolutely and totally unreliable. Why oh why is there always so little ciriticism of the guy. It just makes no sense.
Apart from that I was most interested in Toeava's performance as this match had a lot of the same pressure and intensity of some test matches and if he could shine under such conditions then he has to be looked at as a serious contender for the number 13 jersey.
Thats because Donald plays for the Chiefs. If he played for the Blues, we'd be calling for his head.

And nobody expects much from Donald anyways. So there isn't much spotlight on him.

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