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Round 9: Highlanders v Cheetahs



Last week the Highlanders went down pretty convincingly to the Bulls at home and this week they face the Cheetahs at home.
Who’s going to win â€" who the hell knows.
This year it’s been pretty hard to pick who’s going to win week to week.
On paper and after last weeks week performance you’d have to favour the Cheetahs.
I'm tipping the Highlanders to come out strongly this week. They were a disappointment last week and should be fired for the Cheetahs.

Highlanders by 10.
15 Glen Horton, 14 Lucky Mulilpoa, 13 Matthew Saunders, 12 Callum Bruce, 11 Viliame Waqaseduadua, 10 Nick Evans, 9 Jimmy Cowan, 8 Craig Newby, 7 Alando Soakai , 6 Josh Blackie, 5 James Ryan, 4 Kane Thompson, 3 Carl Hayman, 2 Anton Oliver, 1 Clarke Dermody. Reserves: 16 Jason MacDonald, 17 Chris King, 18 Hoani MacDonald, 19 Hale T-Pole, 20 Toby Morland, 21 Charlie Hore, 22 Aaron Bancroft.
highlanders would have had a big rev up in training this week. cheetahs will be hungry for a victory. highlanders also need the win to have a shot at the semi's. expect the highlanders to come out firing and looking for blood. highlanders by 12
woohoo im going to this game :D
apparantly therse gunna be a full crowd in!
hopefully the highlanders win!
good win for the highlanders.. the cheetahs looked liek they were gonna crack the line..

cowan always there in defence.. will he be the 3rd halfback for the all blacks?
You bet your arse he will, he's best defender by a mile, and his overall game has improved this year as well.
Cowan is deadset one of the best, if not the best halfback in NZ at the moment. Hes always there in defence, and his attacking game is pretty good too. Graham Henry was at the game on Friday night, did anyone know that???

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