Rucks are killing this game

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by mikeeboy, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. mikeeboy

    mikeeboy Guest

    Why can't anyone ever get this right. Rucks aren't about who piles in the most/biggest players. Playing with a lesser team once again is practically impossible. Retaining you're own ball is unpredictable with a lesser team, stealing the opposition ball, impossible.

    It makes absoloutley no difference as to how the tackle was made (behind the gainline, isolated out wide). The outcome is always the same.

    Not only that but the ball takes an age to come out, ensuring that there's perfect defensive lines either side of the ruck each time.

    JLR had a better rucking system than this. At least then, if you made a big hit behind the gain line, if you had a couple of men in quick, it could be released quickly.

    So frustrating.
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  3. jlo rugby was the all time best rugby game ever. you make it sound like it wasnt good. they did everything right.

    good graphics is the reason why we dont have good rucking. blame 13yr old little **** kids who think that the dreamcast is the ultimate format because it has the best graphic capabilities.

    maybe when i get the game i will make more consructive posts... maybe...
  4. mikeeboy

    mikeeboy Guest

    I agree but it's a ten year old game, that's what I was implying, not that it wasn't (still is) a great game
  5. mark_shaw

    mark_shaw Guest

    heres an idea. jonah lomu rugby with new graphics and players and compitions and dont let them f*** with the gameplay..everyone would be happy..all we need is new graphics players and comps?
  6. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    How does he make Jonahs sound bad? He is just siting Jonahs as a good example.

    I havent played ot yet, but I understand the frustration. I n real life it is tougher for weaker forward packs, but, if you get at least a couple of guys there first you should hav a good chance of winning the ruck unless you wait to long and get driven off the ball. Its a shame, coz once im sick of kicking ass with nz, then I wouldve liked to have played comps with a real crap team, but if I cant win a few rucks and get a few turnovers it will be tough.
  7. esoj

    esoj Guest

    there is alway ea rugby 2006 ceeyjay

    yeah the rucks in this game seem to be not quite there. although I guess they fit well into the arcade approach of the game. knowsleyroader isn't too keen on the ea2006 rucks so maybe they are better as he like the rc2006 ones
  8. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    there are no rucks in EA2006

    its a play-the-ball, with a rucking animation

    u watch it and dont do anything

    Alot worse than RC2006

    I will tell everyone this now, that EA2006 rucking is mapped from 2005, and is the same ole auto-crap, pile men into animation, and have a ball roll out the back

    pure shitness, pure random, and alot less interactive than RC2006

    which is why RC2006 remains appealing

    sure it has issues but it seems from whats available the most interactive rucking system in years.
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest



    ak! come on bud... [​IMG]

    *edit* - oh and I must quickly say, no, no , no on your comments re: automatic rucking can be turned any number of ways - you just have to have played a lot and experimented to work them out - and is quite competitive if you know what you are douing in rugby 05, let alone rugby 06.....illegal turn over works too depending on who has made the tackle and/or who is in the ruck...certain personnel and numbers affecting it greatly....also the amount of numbers you put in the ruck affected your subsequent move and or use of forwards in the backline...whether you went blind etc etc etc....saying they are really like saying crosses on pes5 are, yes, but you might want to do a super high one, or a flat one with double press, or send it along the floor entirely etc etc etc....just cos you choose to play it simply...doesn't mean it has to be. Frankly, from what I read, few if any people on this site understand the intiricacies of rugby05 or how it is played. In the early stages of playing rugby 06 = it will be the same for everyone again. Who will have the balls to persevere and play the game properly this time around, by giving it the benfit of the doubt re: depth and discovering so for yourselves? we wait with baited breath...**edit**

    mauls will be good (although also with faults etc)....

    but your being a bit general, as the rucking in RC2006 involves button mashing x till you get heaps of forwards in and then passing etc.....

    what's really the diff? in EA06 it is the same. except once done you can have SEVERAL options of what to do kixk, pass left or right to forward or back, spark off a set move (yes - a SET MOVE - what are they like in RC2006....oh, that's right)!! [​IMG] etc etc....and in rugby06 like rugby 05, you can have very quick ruck ball if you so desire...oh, with out button mashing.

    yes, there are interactive mauls and they are by all accounts better than EA06...

    if that is a reason to buy a game...I understand your passion AK! [​IMG]

    but what about:

    speed bar
    no jump
    terrible behind the man tackle animations on breakaways
    no SH licenses or likenesses
    etc etc etc

    surely, it is of little use to plug one advantage, when so many faults exist?

    I am glad you will be getting the forward experience (in one, maybe two regards) that you have yearned for....but personally I must tell you not to waste your money. It is my duty to lead people to the best game. If you can afford to squander money three weeks from getting a better game of the same be it.

    admittedly, I have taken a multibet ($5) to try and win 80 to get the game with out having to spend my own money on the crap....however, if I lose (quite likely - come on Sangakarra!!) then I will only be hiring and getting rugby06.

    speed bar is the ONLY thing that needs to be said really - but I could go on and on. Even with the negative comments circulating from players of the game (oh and for more than an hour or two - when they WANT the game to be good and don't get as bugged by human nature after all), I feel it maybe worse and is still being sugar coated.

    What are the professional reviewers, who are more cynical, saying? Mmmmmmmmmmm.....see that's why it doesn't look good frankly.

    Don't get me wrong tho AK, I hope you love the game more than any other before it and get gaming nirvana creamy goodness......but I don't see how anything points to this and fear you may be hoping against hope. good luck. [​IMG]
  10. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Yeah the speed metre will **** doubts

    they say its a fun arcade experience - why do u run out of petrol then???

    As for ur EA2005 rucking knowledge - yes i know all about those

    But why should i lose a ruck, coz the animation indicated to you that u could hit r3 and steal the ball..........what did i do wrong - pls explain?

    The EA2005 rucks are random unless you use the r3.....which is just a cop out auto-WIN button, coz it isnt RUCKING ME OVER.

    Sure hitting x puts men in ruck..........but does it serve a purpose...apart from losing men on ur defensive line...................NO

    Proof............just go and play a game and never commit men in the ruck.....we play this all the time, coz there is no point.

    We have smashed it for nearly 12 months and a good 10 months of that was never comitting men into ruck, coz after 2 months we knew it served ZERO purpose................and WOW look, it plays exaclty the same as it did in the 1st 2 months.

    Its a grey area, which SHOULD BE BLACK AND WHITE IN RUGBY

    nobody should be sitting there scrachting their heads coz they lost a ruck with 10 men in happens in EA2005.

    yes, ur right in saying the subsequent play, is effected by the ruck....but i am talking about the winner of a ruck, not what happens, before, or after, etc

    apart from the blatant r3 hand in ruck, the rest of the ruck is a lottery as to whom ran away with the ball

    p.s ..................i only double tap circle...the low cross, is the best cross (% wise), but sometimes, the early (hold r1), and cross, to send it in before the box, at 45degree angle....... [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ever tried the following
    holding r1 on free kick
    holding l1 on free kick
    holding x+direction after free kick - curve and dip
    holding r2 on free kick

    the amount of things in PES are mind boggling............sure i dont use them all, but the AI isnt good enuff to make me use them all [​IMG]
  11. esoj

    esoj Guest

    I don't know rc2006 rucking seems to be equally lame. bash button x and you still end up losing it. what we really need is manual rucking . ea06 rucking may not be perfect either but seems like it will have more to it than rc2006. rc2006 is like a odi in cricket whereas ea06 is shaping up like a testmatch
  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I agree wuth much of what you say bud 4 sure.....although you do admit there is more to it than you originally said.

    also you admit to having gone away from putting men in after two months etc.....thus you have not learned that there are OTHER things at play in temrso fturnovers etc apart from the R3 button...the quick steal using down on the d-pad for a quick non-illegal turnover in certain situations to name just one.

    your post leads me to believe that you all, as you say, decided they didn'y make a diff and played it accordingly...I am afraid that at the higher end of playing this game there WERE other also say that rucks are crap becos putting forwards in means they are not on defence.....but piling them in can give you a turnover actually AND you are talking ONLY about defence.....what you are doing with the rucks on attack IS important, but you make only passing references to it.

    I KNOW - as it is the game I am cirrently playing and becos I play this game at a higher level than any other I own - that they are more intricate than you think. Plse just trust me.

    hope you enjoy the game bro! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    if hitting x mean more men in ruck, which result in more possesion its already a step ahead of EA at the breakdown

    EA rucks are like EAcrickets batting

    they proclaim u can hit it everywhere...............u dont see it, unless u patch it

    i dont want to be sitting there wtahcing the breakdown and hoping i win the ruck

    RC2006 says i gotto button mash
    well button mash, is better than watching trash

    yes i am scarred from JLR..........where at everybreakdown, u had to turn the controller, to sit on ur knee whilst ur index fingers where adjusted to smash the x and circle buttons, in a timeing fashion to win....once over, u had to put the controler back in ur lap, and re-hold to default, and continue.........this would happen every 10 or so seconds....frantic, and manual, but the true skill won at the end.

    i want it back mum [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    the quick steal??

    yes i know it los...........but how does it work

    just appears random...............i dunno how to get it at 100%.

    yes its there, but come on man thats random..........i've seen it, used it, and had my mates go, how did ya do that.........i shrug my shoulders, and say i just hit the d-pad, trying to get me defense to 'kick defense', coz ur gonna kick it

    now i got it............but why....see thats a random copout, coz i cannot explain

    The EA placebo strikes again IMO

    We'll only know when we are all playing online, and Rucking 101 is lectured HB studios

    p.s 2 months is 2 months...........doesnt depict the hours spent on rugger2005, which could well equate what most do in a year [​IMG]
  15. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    but it wouldn't compare with a year of silid play by someone like myself for instance. 12 mths of having 90 edited players in the game....and 1 year of 90% solo play allowing me to discover all the little trciks for myself.

    OF COURSE you can't use tricks like the quick ri back non-illegally ALL the time - I mean thin about it. That would be a game ruiner. Randomness is ironically EXACTLY what more often than not makes a game - especially sports - fun to play and brings you back. By your logic of being able to do it all the time - you would have 90-100% of possession in every game. Now THAT my friend is the only silly thing I see round these parts being discussed.

    oh and on your precious rucks - remember that a person who has PLAYED RC2006 has started this thread...

    look up and you will see what the htread is titled:





    Conversely I think it is ak who is talking up RC2006 and talking down EA06 rather than vice versa on my part.....becos I have legitimate reasons for liking the set-up of ea06 and other things over RC2006 factually...whereas AK seems to be historically drawing on anger at HB (becos he wasted time emailing them) and just 'hoping' RC2006 will be better. I think this will backfire as you are hoping it will be good....I suspect you will initially post up a positive review of it, but then admit later on that it is crap and you have snapped the disc and inserted in your opponents anus.

    this is just a hunch.

    You have to admit your 'breakdown' of the ai's play on each level of EA06 with out having had one game of it, does threaten the realm of the bizarre and slightly twisted. I mean, what are you talking about bro? Your lose it on attack thing about rugby 05 is INCORRECT...have they decided to include it for no reason in this new one that you HAVEN'T played? I doubt it....and yes, I read KR's comments, but his reasons are a whole different kettle of fish and frankly, I think he would struggle (as a league lover) to achieve playing EA06 on hard and the highest level of excellence at this early stage - only this can explain his dtrange comment re losing the ball in the opposition 22 as this makes no sense in light of rugby 05. On the rare occasion it DOES happen, ask yourself this - could I have got my move just right, or done something better that I wouldn't have got tackled after three attacks on their line and being turned over? the answer will almost invariably be 'yes' be bitter at yourself.

    just in general ak - not aimed at you all of that. peace bro... [​IMG]
  16. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    All good mate

    I have contradicting reports for the rucks

    Some hate it some love it....thus my rant...i dont care if the rucks are ruining it for this thread starter...perhaps he needs 12 months, or even atleast another week...after all, los, u cannot expect someone to come to rash conclusions about anything after 1 weeks play.........even after my 2 months EA time wasnt enuff according to you [​IMG] ..........but now it is with this thread starter.......give him an orange

    In fact u shouldnt take anything from RC2006........take it all with a grain of salt, as its clearly not enough time to figure out the problems they are having...perhaps these things can be figured out by ourselves - TIME WILL TELL

  17. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    I would say that, without playing the games, RC's rucks are better than R06s. In Rugby 2005, apart from when you left the ball at the baack of the ruck unplayed for ages, the ball was never turned over in the ruck.

    The team who won the ruck was decided as soon as you hit the floor, which was made blatantly obvious by the way advantages would come to an end and penalties were given as the player was tackled and was turned over instantly. There was no way of actually contesting the ball.

    In RC it seems that there is at least some way of contesting it. If you're first there, you don't always win it. There might be two opposition forwards who come and smash you off the ball and you lose it. Having the ruck decided as soon as the tackle is made is just plain foolish.
  18. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    To be honest this is exactly what I expected and that is why one of my earlier comments said that I would be giving this game a miss
  19. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I agree it is foolish....and it is NOT the case i rugby 2005 and I doubt in 06.

    It's just not a game you excelled at obviously. Not been mean, but even AK knows of two other ways of winning the ball - I know of about four.

    what is foolish is button mashing average rucks and then the rest of the game been below par in almost every conceivable area of gameplay and options.

    plse trust me on the rucks....from pick up and play, you have a case. [​IMG]
  20. mikeeboy

    mikeeboy Guest

    The thread starter is still playing and my opinion hasn't changed. Playing with a slightly inferior team, you will lose 99% of rucks when not in possession. The only way to get possession is to use the big hit tackle (not easy but effective when timed right) or an interception (not easy).

    Combine this with some dodgy centre AI where now and again he'll run in the opposite direction and defending is a very frustrating experience in this game.

    The game plays like a game of league with lineouts and unlimited tackles. Rucks are a replacement for a play the ball situation. I think that's why the league boys like this game.
  21. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    The rucks in WRC were good, you could hammer x and get a quick play of the ball, are they changed in RC2006?
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