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RuckU Podcast.

Look at the bottom of the page for "Will Carlings Rugby Club"

This week, Will describes Martin Corry "as a Morris Minor trying to drive up a steep hill" and there are suggestions for England to join a new tri-nations....with Finland and Bulgaria! :lol:

Quality :lol:
I heard it. I'm surprised how ****** off he feels about England at the moment
Well, wouldn't you?

I hope, chaps like me prove that we're not all arrogant, pig headed, fat, rich, upper class swots who burst into childish tears at the first bit of ribbing in England ;)

Guys like Brian Moore and Will Carling do genuinely care about their national team and feel intense pride in the work that they did when wearing the coveted white jersey. Thus, when England fall this low and do this badly, its like a body blow to them, its a body blow to all of us.

Thats why there is so much passion and frustration. The Aussies might call it whining, but is it so wrong to be genuinely angry and worried about the course we are taking as a national side?

I think not.
Be interesting too see how this turns out, I've only seen/heard two other Rugby podcasts - The IRB One on iTunes (****) and some tryhard "light hearted" podcast from the All Blacks site (Double ****)

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