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Rugby 07 wishlist



i know that its a bit early having it been release only a few months back but i have noticed lots of ppl have been noticing flaws in the game and feature that aren't present. Ill kick it off:

Better rucking
Some kind of manual maul system
Forward set plays
No france injury big
Actually worthwhile Unlockables
harder difficulties

any more you can think of ....??
maybe an option to make own teams, more set plays, custom player fatigue bug sorted aswell
(1) Better create a player
(2) Create a team/club
(3) End of world league
(4) Create your own competitions
(5) Official player editor
(6) Sevens

I can't think of any thing else at the moment.
Improved scrum physics - ie don't lose 80% on own feed, and don't travel 15m most times!

Improved rucking system - ability to remove players from rucks as well as commit them, and for the coloured bar above the ruck to actually mean something!

Set plays - ability to change them mid tournament for teams, so can choose based on opposition and your own matchday lineup, rather than only from main team management screen, which don't affect on going saved games.

Create a team - it's much harder to put up with the flaws in this game when your team isn't in it! Option to create a team and place into any tournament would definitely be welcomed.

AI play inside own 22m - I've scored way too many tries where the AI have simply kicked across field from inside their own 22m to my opposite winger

Make sure controls work for all camera views - all but side view are bugged in 06 with various up / down or left / right controls not being reversed correctly

Stop bunching!!! - my main gripe with the game - usually 28 players within about 10m of the ball when in open play, slightly better during set plays.

Clearer Font - on ps2 I find it very difficult to read some of the team stats and player ratings - may be fine on pc and high res screen, but even on a large widescreen tv I struggle to clearly read some of the numbers.

Custom player fatigue - same as 05, custom players seem to tire at twice the rate of standard players

Correct Rules and tournament formats - so far I've noticed drop goals direct from scrums (which ain't allowed folks!), players lining up behind the posts for penalty kicks, and the playoff format in the Guinness Premiership is wrong (it's top 4 not top 3) ... sure there are more.

Tap penalties - virtually useless currently. By the time you have tapped, the entire defense is on top of you - at least prevent the defense from rushing up until the tap animation is complete.

Quick Lineouts - again, close but most times useless due to the way the players crab slowly sideways to the ball once it is in touch - let the player sprint even when in touch to get the ball and then throw a quick lineout

Kickoffs - maybe it's me, but in 06 I don't seem to be able to regain possession from a normal kickoff (ie hanging for forwards rather than switching), whereas in 05 it seemed about right.

These are my basic requirements I would like HB to fix. If they then feel adventurous then sure, I'd like:
- Sevens
- Design set plays
- unlockable bonus teams / stadium / kits / balls
- custom competitions
Originally posted by cuckoo@Mar 28 2006, 04:44 PM
(3) End of world league


World League is one of the best things about the game. Needs tweaking, but it's what I play most often.
Maybe he meant "End of the World League" where you play each match to an apocalyptic background and have to tailor your tactics to which Horseman of the Apocalypse is active on that day. Maybe I should be quiet.

But I agree with most of that MightyQuin...some more:

- Improved scouting. *waves* look here! Real fans! Some of the stats on R2006 are shocking. Sharky Robinson @ 55 was the biggest shocker (apart from Dayglo being a star player)

- Animations: probably want to redo some of these and pack them in a bit more tightly, it was improved in 06, but still needs work.

- Sidesteps/dodges should be assigned to the right analogue stick completely...so you flick in which direction you want to step...so diagonally is an "at pace" shimmy step while full on the side is a sideskip like in Madden. And the directly forwards/backwards could be a King Carlos hopstep :p

- Fix the running onto the ball classic view bug.

- Open play kicking needs some refinements, chips over the top, grubbers need more effective implementation, kicking leaves you too vulnerable in the game whatever, there should be snap kick options. Also cross kicks could do with some work

- Set pieces need tweaking - lineouts are good but they need one or two changes, scrums need a complete redo IMO.

- Fewer turnovers, there should be the scope for going through 15-20 phases of short forward play.

- More forward play. The pick and drive option and maybe the maul set play.

- Running from base of ruck easier, but only when there is a gaping hole.

- Maybe a momentum rating for players to judge how much ground they're likely to make in the tackle, also affects scrums/mauls etc.

- Offload system needs refining, but the problems seem to come from player bunching really.

- Defence needs tweaking, also the implementation of different defensive schemes (drift/rush).

- More difficulty modes

- More teams, please make the squad selection for internationals easier (drop down lists for one...)

- All the customisation shizzle, comprehensive like Madden

- Club franchise mode, multiple seasons, transfers, internationals and other tournaments. Bit like world league, just with real life leagues etc.

- Custom Tournies

- Weather affects game more. Not necessarily knock ons all over the place, but players don't move so fast so you have to tailor your gameplan to the weather.

- Dummies need refining, they're more an afterthought at this point in time

- A few extra player stats to really separate good/bad players. Awareness for example which would account for positioning, speed to the breakdown etc.

- Importantly, refine the controls. Cut out diagonal running easiness., make it feel more 360 degree and less digital.
Originally posted by Muse_Cubed@Mar 28 2006, 05:20 PM
And the directly forwards/backwards could be a King Carlos hopstep :p
Sadly I think David Campese lays claim to anything resembling a hitchkick... :p
Originally posted by SaintsFan_Webby@Mar 28 2006, 04:24 PM

Sadly I think David Campese lays claim to anything resembling a hitchkick... :p
We don't talk about him.
Transfers in world league - drop down lists to filter for players by position / price / etc. rather than just having to scroll through every single team
i dunno if anyone has played PES 5 but on there the edit system is really indepth allowing you to make teams, players and even boots with great detail. Also the system of editing teams and stadium names is great.

A player editor wouldnt go a miss either!! why do us lot with the game on ps2 have to suffer not being able to change stats whilst ppl on pc have to get someone to make an editor!! how hard can it be for HB to make 1!!!!

Underarmour option!!! i also think it would be cool like on madden where u can set what your player wears in summer and winter i.e. in winter no underarmour and glove and in winter underarmour cos of the weather and gloves because it is wet.\

I think there needs to be a new goal kicking system. If anyone has played ESPN 2K5 and used that kicking sytem i think it is awesome. it depends entirely on the wind and the kickers ability and range. Instead of the mickey mouse 'stop to marker on this line for the ball to go through the posts', i think you should just choose the power and it depends on how well u have judged it if it goes over.


rush defence, drift defence etc etc

i think it would be a nice touch on world league if players get called up to the international squads and you could play the matches if your players have been selected.
more liecenses.get rid of grant fox commentary abilty to create own set plays but has limits.more random injuries more often.
Or, use Fox and Robertson using a C7 style presentation for all the S14 games and SH internationals (or games in the SH), while the GP, HEC and NH internationals have a Sky Sports style presentation with Miles Harrison and Will Chignell as commentators.
Id like to see players retire in World League and players improve as they get older.

Also I would like to see Division 1 from England in their or some teams e.g. Harlequins (I kno who are promoted, Leeds?), London Welsh etc
grant fox is **** but then again so is that other guy u know, whats'his'name. i rekon they should get dewi morris and stuart barnes seeing as RC is gonna be finishing.

i also think there should be little chip kicks over defences and grubbers and chips shouldnt have arrows to direct them.
Originally posted by best_fullback@Mar 28 2006, 06:20 PM
i rekon they should get dewi morris and stuart barnes seeing as RC is gonna be finishing.
No no no, they'll work anti-Saints commentary in at every turn.

EDIT: How about an unlockable "commentary comedy" such as, ooooh, John Inverdale from R2004 :lol:
DONT get any commentators from the bbc!! they act like youve never watched a game of rugby in your life!!!
on yer and another thing, whats the deal with the high tackle :wacko: :wacko: its a rubbish idea cos when is the ref gonna miss a high tackle that blatent!! i rekon that it should be made into a like big hit button or summit of the similar.

Speaking of tackling if your have ever player ESPN 2K5 on there the tackle button was square adn if you held it down it would do a wrap tackle to make sure the defender was stopped adn there was less chance of them breaking the tackle. if you tapped it, it would do like a shoulder hit tackle which would have a great chance of breaking the tackle but a larger chance of forcing a turnover from a fumble or knock on. maybe this could be implemented
my ideas

scouts- be able to scout regions of the world to look for undiscovered talent (i.e. in the usa or canada, maybe there will be a "diamond in the rough" so to speak and you will come out with an amazing player)

stadiums- have the option in the world league to build a new stadium, possibly move a club (if you wanted to) and various add ons to stadiums in general

sponsors- have a list of sponsors to choose from each year and make the new sponsor logo appear on the jerseys/around the stadium/on the field.

create a kit- get tired of the same old jerseys each and every year? Create new ones using this tool, wether it be changing the color scheme, or the pattern on the jersey, or just changing the jersey type from older looser fitting jersey to the state of the art tight fit jerseys that are popping up all over

just some idea's while i ponder a few more..
i know this may of being said but i always get a really quick flanker in my team and they get to the ruck first and they are standing there for 10 seconds and do nothing and the computer still wins the ball and im like that is so unfair!my 2 cents
I could go on and on about the gameplay but I won't...so instead........

cheerleaders in the pre game intro

cheerleader videos unlockable

unlockable rugby game without the forward pack playing...in other words....sevens


Street mode...where you play the game on a street

Music editor...play your music...and even during games

close up camera zooming for a sec at the tackle then zoom back out

rugby league mode (this is how easy it is.....just reprogramme the defence to go back ten after the tackle....simple...a bit like how they have the defence the way it is now where they cannot creep up when a maul is going. Then have only one person marking from dummy half while the tackled player just gets up and play the ball...when you think about it.....EA are very close to actually making a league game! Keep most things.....a few tweaks...and voila!!!! Happy Sanzar and AK47 :lol: )

Superstar mode...you know...like the Madden thing of one player having a career. The only difference is that when you play the game you only control that one player in the team........can you make it to the All Blacks through talent, form, club choice, and luck

Customised tournaments/cups/etc

Old teams/players unlockable

blah blah blah

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