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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by kinkon89, Sep 11, 2005.

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    Compared to the PES series it is pretty poor............with EA's resources, and the amount of versions they have produced of FIFA it should be a hell of a lot better.
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  3. Gay-Guy

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    One day we will all be happy and we will be discussing which game's dynamic lighting brings out the shading better in the players faces. Yes, that will be our big arguing 10 years.

    We need to email more often our thoughts to all the developers and keep them on edge. Play them off each other.
  4. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    yes except they don't care really do they? (honest question in a way) - I mean, it is all marketing and playing on what people want, but never actually giving it to them. You are better pouring your money into marketing and making heaps more dosh than actually spending it on making a great game as they same amount of people buy it....only you make less money. Forget about the fact that they have provided a service by making everyone happy and fulfilled the desire to make a greta game etc (they just want the money - so this doesn't matter...they are not gamers etc.....they are like investment wan..sorry investment bankers.

    f*** em...

    On the rugby in temrs of basic implementations (since I have waxed lyrical about what is needed IMO for the intricacies of play..the pop balls, momentum, random play etc etc etc - these are just things that aren't there - rather than improvements needed) =

    - quick lineouts (good call)
    - more reactive and quicker steps on the shoulder buttons NOT right analogue
    - yes...okay...pop balls but ONLY under the controlled and potentially disasterous (if over used) way that I have mentioned in the giant gameplay post - i.e. two different offloads button - one clean, one with a bar like brian lara or sjnrl that must be timed etc....

    On the grubber and kick/chip and chase etc...they are in rugby 2005 and I use them effectively all the musta given up to early, or like many of my friends, it may prove too difficult. Sure they are difficult as hell to utilise...although, in saying that, they are techniques that are as commonly incorporated in my play as a normal kisk or pass might be to be frank.

    One tip I can give you GG (as so much of the game is 'feel' - I just couldn't explain to my friend at first, with out co-op gaming, half the stuff I wanted to but this I can):

    When you exploit the blindside (and it should be attacked roughly HALF the time), one should use the forward (to a forward) shoulder pass and then quick pass on to next man who PRE-PASSES to fre man (if you have done this with correct numbers).....
    OR - you use the normal pass technique draw and pass technique which involves reading the numbers on the blind quickly again and finding an overlao created purely by BACKS on BACKS (usually a 2 on 1)....
    OR...and here's the doozy...
    You use the halfback (circle or square obviously depending on which is the blind), and become him (this is a feel thing unfortunately) when he will have a second before being slammed...either when he is at the back of the ruck at its furtherest point or even back a bit from it, or when all their players have been stretched and they are ALL caught up in the ruck or scrambling (the best one)...or if the half back circles wildly for a second (retrieving the ball) then wait till his circle brings him furthest froom the defence...
    When you run the half back however DO NOT make the mistake mostm do and run forwards or forward diagonally UNLESS this will work of course!!! But usually a pass, pop pass, or pre-pass is best delivered from a an angled-hip ball carriier (this can be made even easier by not holding the pace button - as the ai responds aggressively to this) - you know like the backs passed in the 70s and 80s GG...YOU KNOW EH!? with a slight diagonal...if you do this..the halfback will pop the ball from his tackle or throw behind the back ball etc which will go to your second to outside man, who will draw their winger before drawing and passing and sending away the winger who can then, out of many choices BUT if you choose to do, grubber or CHIP the fullback and either hack it ahead or regather it or regather it and pop it again (as you often have to do when playing under 'normal' game conditions for gaming or propr simulation play i.e. 90 created players, hard level, normal team being controlled with no pumped up dudes whatsoever in your team.

    The rugby that goes down is special although, admittedly, if in great form, they still struglle to take me down....just finished a super 12 and won all 11 with 40 points a game average (some close as, but some 70+ etc...) -however the finals are always harder and the scorelines make the games seem easier than they were -they were not - why? becos the i significantly lifts again for finals...and the two teams (as I have upgraded the game) that made the finals against me (and the 3rd for that matter) were PUMPED UP teams....each boasting a minimum of 7 GODS in each opposition team and it made a difference.....

    In the final I conceded two long range that brought the game VERY close for a significant period until won with a late try by scoring my created player's (me - but normal stats) 22 try of the season....[​IMG]...lovely jubbily.....

    semi = beat the chiefs: 41 - 14

    final = beat Crusaders: 26 - 15

    If it had have been the unedited version of the game I would have cracked fifty against them both and conceded sweet f*** all. Nuff said.

    Geez caps' quite glaring ignorance and stance on this has really surprised me....think outside the square on this one do on most issues...come on!! Crumbs........

    With the pumped up teams in the world mate and I have yet to win a world cup playing together (lost 1 round robin, 3 quarters, 2 semis and a final)....the teams and therugby for that matter is just not even the same. As I have is much better...put it this way....about HALF of my complaints about the game have completely evaporated.

    and I ahte bad sports games...I gave cricket 2005 a merciless and official 1.8 out of that merciful? NO. Unedited rugby 2005 is a 7....but modded (non-pc way) it is an 8.5 I reckon....certainly an 8. No doubt about that.

    Its option are a sgood as most sports games if not better....and it gameplay (the most crucial aspect of a game IMO) becomes significantly improved by placing 90 players into the good teams but nto yours....

    Think about it....

    sometimes, rareky, a Giteau will break through your tckle or Mortlock or someone will do something good and you are like...that was cool....what ahppens when the ai and your opposition get armed with 90 new created players who are ALL 2-3 TIMES AS GOOD AS THE PREVIOUS SUPERSTARS OF THE GAME.

    You get a wonderful, occasionally challenging game....or you get ignorance, tears and hankies....and all over avoiding a measley two hours.....which can be donw wioth headphones lidtening to music or whatever...if you do not have capacity (whoever) to imagine or understand or even remotely desire to do are a lost agming cause and shoudl stick to the general rugby section etc.....make some effort..nothing ventured nothing gained....etc etc etc...These sayings were thought up for a reason.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  5. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I've just had my first good (imo) idea in about three years. I probably picked it up somewhere in one of Lovers essays, but, everyone hates the steps on the right stick right? We'd all prefer to have the sidestepping on the shoulder buttons or something, yeah? Well, why not have the right analog stick solely for transferring weight. eg. you are running, and theres a guy coming at you from slightly to your left, you could then push the stick towards him to stop getting driven back or something. Could also work when you're tiptoeing up the touchline, you could just have the stick pointing away from the touchline to decrease the chances of getting tackled/running over the line. Just a wee thought.
  6. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    oh and fifa holds about as much appeak as the smegma on a donkey's penis...

    It is friggin AWFUL.

    It is also a glaring example of ignorance on the part of the developers (necos they wouldn't bring in into line with PES's superior gameplay becos the money was still talking the talk they liked so f*** everything and everyone else) and ignorance on the part of little kids and adults who have the gaming ability of little kids who actually think that this is how you recreate and enjoy the virtual version of the beautiful game.......The FIFA series could end up being the reason why an alien race destroys us...a planet that has as many sales of a game that bad and therefore displays the ignorant marketing-hungry-commercial-hoovering-mindless-dropkicks that populate so much of this planet, does not really deserve to go on procreating willy nilly does it?

    Fifa and PES cannot be compared IMO.....If I put a copy of fifa in beside a copy of PES and left them ther overnight - the Fifa would be still there in the morning, alone, with a bleeding cover having been rogered yet again by its dominating and all conquering ruler. Fifa is the maiden to PES' is the Teller ro PES' Pen....actually if you have fifa I wish to fight you and thereby possibly save the world from destruction.
  7. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    sounds good - if we were implementing it...for that lot we migth have to encourage the KISS principal.

    Nice brainstorming though -it is ALL good.

    "one of los's essays"......

    Oh no.....that was like an don't want an uni I would go a thousand words over and ****....there si always more to say.


  8. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Well, what else should it be used for? If the sidestepping does get moved from the stick (which really, it should) then what coul it be replaced with?
    I don't see you posting anything constructive, M-time...
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest



    I just noticed your quote of me on your posts kaftka you cheeky sausage!!

  10. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    I've just had an idea. Well... EA say they won't do a league game, but what if they combine union and league in one game. So you can play the league season and the union season. This way you could even get a player to change codes? But it would only be good if all the ideas above were used in gameplay.
  11. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    ......thats so gay!!!

    what a stupid idea!
  12. TheDell

    TheDell Guest

    Yes, that is quite possibly the worst idea I've ever heard.
  13. thats so retarded ea sports mite actually do it....
    thus embarassing rugby even more!
  14. scot

    scot Guest

    That's pretty much the stupidest idea ever made.
  15. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    How dumb can you....I'm just going to do myself a favour and commit suicide right now. Just in case I ever have to read another one of your posts in the future.

  16. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Sorry, no more 'ideas' from me! Or EA will take them.
  17. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Good idea.

  18. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    poor jacko - leave him alone - i like the idea - but cant see it working im afraid
  19. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    na i agree, its a stupid idea

    cracked me up [​IMG]
  20. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    You can't be serious!? That idea came to me very late at night and well...
  21. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i think its a great idea

    heck they'd use near identical engines

    just create rules discreptencies

    if Swordfish can do classic matches with old rules - it can happen
    as for the # of on field players - if u can have rugby 7's, and classic matches - u can have rugby league and union on the same disc

    its a matter of implementing and pioneering in the gaming industry

    same with AFL and Gealic footy

    u'd have a combined audience to buy the game = greater sales, and better chance to get the franchise rolling on increased funds
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