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Rugby 2012 Soundtrack Requests

I'm assuming that "Right here, right now" will be in the game, but i'd much rather there were songs being played in the stadiums after tries were scored or at half-time cause thats what happens in teal stadiums - some Exponents and Dave Dobbin/Herbs would go a miss
"Dimension" Wolfmother
"Sir Duke" Stevie Wonder?

Songs form console sounds best otherwise

Maybe in the background on the menu you can just commentary clips from rugby
Eg: World Cup finals moments, tries being scored, Hugh Bladen raving about either Steyn when a drop goal goes up

Keith Quinn "Lomu, oh , oh! And he'd over for the early try, Jonah Lomu"
jus chuck on the rugby anthems...e.g swing low, shoshaloza and so on...

dnt waste money on music...waste it on the gameplay...
Has to be a song that gets you amped. None of that rap or Rnb or hip hop stuff.
I got nothing against it put come on, this is rugby.

If I could give some songs that I think would go down well-
Killswitch engage- reckoning
Korn- Word up !
Asking Alexandria- Not the american average
Chiodos- Flagpole Sitta
ill Nino- Against the wall
Protest the hero - Bloodmeat
Shadows Chasing Ghosts- Girls in sheeps clothing
Trivium- down from the sky

Cant wait for the game :D
Here's my Rugby Soundtrack

Trace Adkins: Whoop a man's ass
Guns n Roses: Welcome to the jungle
AC/DC: Thunderstruck
Rage against the Machine: killing in the name
The Exponents:Why does love do this to me
Joe Budden:pump it up

I can't think of anymore at the moment but custom playlist would be great,nothing worse then playing a game and you don't like a certain song or genre on it...
i reckon you should just use one generic beat like on rugby league 2 . simple and you could use the money to buy the rights to use real brands of boots instead of fake ones !
I think they should put a few quirky artists on there like The Kooks, Razorlight, The Hoosiers etc but ultimately as many have suggested the option to play your own songs would be preferable.
Here comes the boom - nelly. Great song! sums up Rugby
i disagree i think there should be a playlist, of not too shabby unknown bands? it adds a little bit of something special to the game, like in a few years when you hear the same song it takes you back to the memories you've had playing the game?

I'd still encourage the ability to create your own custom playlist from you console, but i would love to hear some upcoming bands on there
It took you 10 months to come up with a message, and this is what you come up with?
Some old school 80s Rock would not be so bad, something like thunderstruck - ACDC or Hell Bells
kanko crazy what the hell dude? so whatif it takes him 2 years to post...its none of your bussiness to slam the kid
custom playlist does seem like a good idea, but if not then i've got a few ideas:
Metric-Black Sheep
Foo fighters-The pretender (must have, try savers & rib breeakers 11 anyone?)
Kasabian-Fast Fuse
Foo fighters-Learn to fly
The rumble strips-Time (maybe not as big a band, but my cousin plays sax in them and they've got some good songs, this being one of them)
Guns and Roses-Sweet child o' mine
Ozzy Osbourne-crazy train
Kings of leon-sexes on fire
Guns and roses-pardise city
The killers-When you were young
Metalica-enter sandman
The killers-human
Nirvana-smells like teen spirit

just a few ideas, no way will all those songs be in there, but even a few would be good. i know its unlikely cuz of budget restrictions, but if you could get some of the foo fighterts new 2011 album on rugby 2012 then frankly HB Studios, i would love you. but then again, i love you enough for brining out a next gen rugby union game. just for god sakes, pppllleeeeaaasse get the Bath and england rosters correct eg: chris ashton, ben foden, shontayne hape, ben youngs, and for bath, lewis moody, hape again, abendanon, banahan,david wilson, fernandez lobbe, john van der glesson, not a problem if the palyers arent all at bath by default if i can change their teams manually, but alot more of a pain if players arent in the game because creating them from scratch is time consuming and un rewarding because the player looks wrong, the comentator wont say his name and his stats arent accurate, which admittedly is my fault. but anyway, thanks so much for making an next gen game, HB studios i love you, just a few ideas on music and a request about the game in general, thankyou :)
custom playlist seems like the win win situation, but just in case:

Thunderstruck- AC/DC
Pjanoo- Eric Prydz
Back In Black- AC/DC
Hysteria- Muse
Here comes the Boom- Nelly
Requiem for a dream
Fire- Kasabian
Never miss a beat- Kaiser Chiefs
Take me out- Franz Ferdinand
I'm shipping up to Boston- Dropkick Murphys

Tbh, for everyones sake i would put custom soundtrack on there, all the lastest games have them, music for when a try is scored, or a team entrance, i know theres a budget, but not only does it save HB studios time, but makes fans or potential customers happy aswel
Ya custom sounds good but a few up coming band songs wouldnt hurt...Just please license the teams in super 15!!! its the best rugby tounament played world wide!!!

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