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Rugby League 2 Editing thread



Hi I was just browsing input.xml in the data/cmn/ingame directory and I am pretty sure you can edit those files to make the controls and players more responsive and make the speed of different stuff faster.

Im not too good with editing so I hope that someone who likes editing games can look at this and other stuff there and make some patches so the controls and responses are much faster.

I know the game may seem a little "off par" to some but if we can get lots of patches out there like Cricket 2005 and o ther games have, we can make this game really great to play.
ah woosaah you legend. rldatabase.xml is another good place to edit stuff and is made easy by sidhe leaving comments about how to change things and what editing does to the game
I may have asked this in another thread, but I want to remove rainy games, is this feasable?
good question... why would you want to do that anyway?

dont like the rain is it annoying? if so you can always change the rain file so it doesnt look like its raining
honestly i havn't seen any difference with playing in the rain or not, apart from the rain. though the only time i have actually played in the rain is online, against the current number one guy (cr2k2) and i am like 4-3 up i think against him.

ill let you guys know how i go 2morrow (goign to do it during the cricket)
your a good man woosaah and anything that can be done to improve the game will be much appreicated
In the rain there are too many broken tackles and knock ons, which isnt so bad, its just that in franhise its always raining and im sick of it. I actually think the rain looks good, but you dont get all the cool ligting and shdows that you do in the day and night games.It rained in my franchise for nine games straight, and now it seems to rain every other game.
ahh so it wasn't stuck on rain it just rains more often than not...

ill have a look and c if there is a rain % option somewhere
if i threw up a quick program to edit the players out of the game would you guys want me to do that?

just something for me to do in the next few hours before i go drinking
true, ill get on this
might end up finishing it tomorrow got like an hour to kill here today
I have played with the input.xml file and for me it seams a little different. but faster.

but i dont really know, have a look and a try and tell me what you think


it wont let me add an attatchment, what is with that? its only like 2kb

edit again

no idea surely you can add an attachment. oh well if you can't get it to work just uplad it somewhere and post the link to it.

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