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Discuss SIDHE's sequel - how would YOU make it better?

And if someone would edit the ***le for me to make me look less illiterate I'd be very grateful...
The current game is very, very good. Simple things like left footed kickers and fixing all the bugs would make a good sequel. But, if they do add things I would really love to see a season mode. Even if it is simplistic it would still add to the game. Maybe, start with some money and purchase like 22 players. As they play better they become more expensive, as they play crap you pay them less. Winning gets you more money or whatever.
One of the few things Rugby 2004 did better than SJRL was the season mode.

On the hardest level, it was DAMNED hard to build a good team on Rugby 2004, and I agree, a season mode would enhance the longivity of the next Rugby League ***le.

I also think SIDHE need to invest in some more English statisticians.
And player likeness for the Super Leauge. Robbie Paul and Tony Martin are too black.
Tommy Martyn was positively Asian...

SIDHE will have more time for this game, and because they listen to us, I'm sure they'll get it right.
I'm just really keen to be able to make better use of the play maker (being able to make him drop back for kicks etc) and perhaps a set play system which will send your players running in certain directions and when you need to pass they flash red or something, which would therefore give you the opportunity to go with the set play or keep running if you spot a gap! (I'd really love something like this)
Also being able to use dummy runners, slicker passing, and more realistic and varied player animations.
Players need more individual abilities, and they need to be all rated out of 20 so that there is more points of difference between each player (some decent research into player stats wouldn't go amiss either.....).

Defense system needs an major overhaul. If I wanted to sit back and watch (hope really!!) that the computer is going to make most of my tackles then I would have bought a managerial game. If they do stick with the current crap system then they would have to vastly improve the computer defense (especially on the line where you expect your computer 'buddy' to make even simple tackles), and the player selection would be pick up the INSIDE defender, rather then the outside defender, as it is much more natural to defend 'inside-out', and it would stop those annoying runs by the comp. down the centre of the field.

Have dummy halves that are not "frozen". This was done I believe to eliminate the player making most of the tackles with the 2 markers. I'm sure a better solution could be found.

All the bugs fixed (a fulltime job in itself......).

Tackling needs a major rethink. Get rid of the big hit button. Instead have a "ball and all", and a "low/diving/ankle tap tackle". The result of the tackle should be dependant on such things as speed of tackler/ runner, number of players in the tackle, strength of runner, direction of runners (is the runner stepping, is the tackle from behind-front on), tackling ability, stamina levels of players in tackle. At the moment it is a real lottery. How many times does a big tackle from behind suddenly turn into a front on high tackle??? Less high tackles is a must.......

Season mode, player form/morale/fitness fluctiations during a season, injuries (short and long term). At present there is no incentive to change from your best starting lineup. If players showed low morale/poor fitness/form at the selection stage then you would have to think about changing the team around (ala Pro evolution soccer).

The passing game is one of the worst things about the game. Rugby 2001 was far more usable. Balls don't get thrown 40mtrs backwards. Long balls should be how many times you hit the pass button (ie hit twice to miss a player etc). Off the ball supporting players need to make much better runs, cut backs, run arounds and scissor movements.

Player profiles, or even what position they play. Frustating trying to play with English teams, not knowing all their players, and trying to work out what position they play by their stats!!

In defense you need the ability to choose the fullback. Have a seperate button for the fullback so that you can select him when you want, and also not accidently select him when you don't need him (triangle button on the PS2 would be perfect).

Get rid of button bashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!Implement Pro evolution 3 running sytem!!!!

Most of all THE DEVELOPERS NEED TO PLAY PRO EVOLUTION 3 AND DESCOVER FOR THEMSELVES WHAT MAKES A TRULY GREAT SPORTS VIDEO GAME!!!!!!! It was a great effort first up, but I'd expect a big improvement in the second version.
Owner Mode from Madden 2004.

Also have a fantasy draft type mode from Madden. (Where each player is put in a pool and each team gets 30 rounds to pick - 1 Pick per round - the order is randomly generated)
Fantasy draft mode would also be a great addition..............may give those Souths, Warriors??? fans some hope of winning the premiership.
the warriors have got very close 2 years in a row, don't compare them with souths who come 14th or 15th every season.

i would like to see quick darts from dummy half, as it is now the dummy half player stands up and then you can run, awfully slowly at that, dummy half acceleration could also be a stat, as quick players would make more ground
Take a leaf out of Rugby 2004

L1 or R1 Pass Left/Right to a back
L2 or R2 Pass Left/Right to a foward
Originally posted by umosay@May 27 2004, 05:31 PM
the warriors have got very close 2 years in a row, don't compare them with souths who come 14th or 15th every season.
That's right - don't even try and call the Souths chokers!
On kick returns you practicly always have your whole team back ready to hit up (in the game). Usually on the first tackle its only the fullback, wingers and sometimes a centre that manage to get back (in reality).
Originally posted by umosay@May 29 2004, 11:55 AM
choke means you get beaten by the better team

No it doesn't!

At least not here, anyway, "choke" in a sporting sense means bottling it.
Originally posted by St_Helens_RLFC+May 30 2004, 02:10 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (St_Helens_RLFC @ May 30 2004, 02:10 AM)</div>
@May 29 2004, 11:55 AM
choke means you get beaten by the better team

No it doesn't!

At least not here, anyway, "choke" in a sporting sense means bottling it. [/b]
eg Bradford v Saints in finals.

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