Rugby League Live 3 UK Release

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Dave, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Awesome Game - For both Union and League Fans

    Thanks to the FanHub I have been gradually building my rugby union teams in this and have played Fantasy games of All Blacks/Wallabies vs the Kangaroos

    Big ups BigAnt! :D

    RLL3 All Blacks.jpg RLL3 Wallabies.jpg RLL3 World XV.jpg 2015-12-17_00001.jpg RLL3 Digby.jpg RLL3 DC.jpg RLL3 Hosea.jpg RLL3 Rene.jpg RLL3 nehe.jpg RLL3 SBW 2.jpg RLL3 Tuivasa-Sheck 2.jpg RLL3 Hayne.jpg RLL3 JT.jpg RLL3 Nonu.jpg 2015-12-18_00007.jpg 2015-12-18_00008.jpg 2015-12-18_00010.jpg

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  3. Dave

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    Oct 15, 2014
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    We are really pleased that also as a Rugby Union fan, you are enjoying Rugby League Live 3.
    We too believe that it is the best Rugby video game out there for either code, and that our friends down under have done a brilliant job.
    Your images look tremendous :)

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards
    Customer Support
    Alternative Software Ltd.
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