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G'day all, well I figured I owed you an update on ye old roster update so here it is.
I have managed to complete the sharks and bulls teams but because of the massive number of new players that were required to fill out the ever changing south african sides I have completely annihilated every Russian in the game and replaced them with oversized afrikaans. I chose the sharks and bulls to update first as a large majority of springboks come from these 2 sides so you can now field an almost fully updated springbok side as well. Yay.....
Anyway you can get the latest roster update here:


As always I have updated the link in my sig as well.

The roster also contains a few additional players that got introduced a little later in the S14 such as Blair Stewart and Hayden Hopgood for the crappy hurricanes along with about 5 or 6 others whom I can't remember right now. As always all new players for the sharks and bulls have been given commentary and faces that are as close a match as I could find.
Now I have a few questions:

1. Does anybody know how to edit the initial post for this thread as the link in it is out of date?
2. Woosah, I was wondering how troublesome a small fix to your roster editor would be to implement. Currently after I overwrite a russian player in the roster editor the new player remains in the same place alphabetically as whatever player he replaced. This can make it a real b#%ch to find a player I'm looking for in order to tweak them. So if you could add a small button that resorts the list into alphabetical order that would be aces. P.S. I am aware of the search function, but it is inefficient for my purposes.
3. Now that I have used up all russians in the game would anyone like to put forward suggestions for the next sacrificial team so that I can complete the squads for the cheetahs, lions and stormers?

Enjoy! :D
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Thnx ozzy. How about Georgia for the other teams.
It's possible to make a rooster with Super14 update and North hemisphere update?

A rooster?!?!?
Well don't wanna spread false hope but Woosah reckons it might be possible to combine rosters, so if someone did the Northern Hemisphere sides then it could be merged with this super 14 one.
Shouldn't be too hard to find some chaps updating the NH teams as judging from the low level of interest in the S14 update the majority of members on this forum are from the North. It's either that or everyone plays on a console and can't use these roster updates. Why anyone gets anything for consoles I'll never know. :/

P.S. just out of interest has anyone tried the roster update yet???? Any comments, suggestions or criticisms are welcome.

Oh btw allyoop I don't wanna use Georgia as they are too cool :) and someone has even created a new kit from them. Any other candidates??
yeah, spain and uruguay seem like good choices. I don't think I ever remember the Uruguayan side, but I was just reading about how Spain thrashed Georgia so perhaps I should keep them in......
Oh btw allyoop I don't wanna use Georgia as they are too cool smile.gif and someone has even created a new kit from them. Any other candidates??[/b]

did u like it? :D :D :D :D :D

jay :p

kick spain btw ;)
I use woosah's roster editor which is stickied on the main page. You can also download it from his sig in the post just above yours.
Okay I have started with the remaining teams I will post it when I am done cheers.
Awesome work there Huckleberry, those S. African teams are such a mission to update and I have little idea of what their stats should be.
I see you replaced players within each of the super14 sides themselves rather than overwriting a single team from somewhere else with no club affiliations ala Spain. Just out of curiosity were the players you used retired or had they transferred to N.Hemisphere clubs???
The reason I ask is that I avoided overwriting players who had transferred North so that if the NH guys on the forum ever got their act together and created an updated roster they could easily use this one and just swap those existing players in rather than having to recreate them from scratch. Then we would have a single unified and fully updated roster for North and South.
It's a real shame it doesn't work in World League though.
On a final note do you mind if I repackage the final roster update with a few minor tweaks I have done along with a readme which will give full credit to you for your work on the 3 South African sides and thanks to Woosah for the use of his roster editor without which none of this would have been possible?
i suppose i should try and merge these rosters?

also ill try make them available for the world league, i know how to do it just havnt. and if i can do that it will be available for xbox as well.

wont be til after easter though as i am having a few problmes out this way.
I took players that are retired and edit them.and the players that are playing overseas,I put them in the team that they play right now,like G.du toit plays now for Toulouse

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