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RWC Hosts - 2027 and 2031

Vieux Talonneur

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Sep 18, 2015
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Looks like Australia will get 2027 and USA 2031.

Not sure what I think about USA. Good to take to new places obviously and if it will really help to develop the game there then great. It's also so large geographically that I hope the matches are contained in a relatively small area to give it a proper sense of event and occasion.
I don't see how the USA run a World Cup and doesn't play matches on both the East and West Coast

They'll probably NFL division it though for the groups, just having a glance at the NFL geographically asI assume those are the stadiums used.

A - West Coast
LA, SF, Seattle and Vegas

B - Texas/Mid-West
Houston, Dallas, Kansas, New Orleans, Nashville

C&D - East Coast
NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, Washington (theres loads)

A and B track up to quater-final and so do C&D

Its certainly managable my big issue will be crowds to stadium size. But should be a relatively easy world cup for the tourist unlike trying to get tickets in England.
We'd definitely have all of our matches in Boston or NYC, which is fine and would have it's advantages.

But I want Miami.
You guys have fond memories of Soldier Field in Chicago

Actually forgot about what Chiacgo does on St. Paddys Day, yup all three of your group matches will those three cities and likely two will get Quarter Finals for you to bow out on.

Almost a home world cup to fail at.
The US might not even qualify for 2023, so I'm not massively in favour of this. I suppose the thinking may be that there'll be enough Irish and Scottish ancestry to add interest to games up to the QF stages, so it doesn't matter if the US are eliminated early. Australia 2027 seems a bit desperate given their current apparent interest levels in union.

On the other hand rugby union has been so insular and neglected it's own for so long that there aren't many options if SA and Argentina aren't politically motivated.
2031 is prob right for America gives them 9 years to sort their **** out.
Going from France to Aus after the Japan one just seems backwards for me, just start taking it too new countries why does it need to go to Aus.

I wish they would expand the RWC in 2027, not 2031 why wait FFS

I feel like
2035 will be Europe prob should be Spain or Italy could see it being Ireland...
2039 will be Argentina

Would like to see another Asian rugby world cup though maybe a joint effort with South Korea and Japan sometime.
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Like to see Argentina get to host but I'd also be fine with Australia or New Zealand getting it every 20 years or so as I really want to visit there and RWC would be a great excuse.

Still kind of in disbelief that a union goes bankrupt and then gets rewarded with a World Cup 4 years later. I know it's being hosted by an Australian company but it still seems weird to me.
2027 RWC final spoiler.

Owen Farrell extra time drop goal beats Eddie Jones coached Australia on their home turf.

Come on rugby gods, make it happen….
Ireland have won multiple Tier 1 rugby matches in the USA with a 100% record. Minimum 9 years left on the QF curse, more likely it'll be put third consecutive cup.

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