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RWC Hosts - 2027 and 2031

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Good move for both parties tbh

Really Gatland's last stand as a proper job IMO, and he can work well with a squad with limited budgets
Honestly shocked that Gatland is only 58 - I was gonna say he'll be far too old by the time the USA RWC rolls around, but maybe not

Hopefully Canada make a resurgence and be kings of NA again
We can offer him a 15% discount to our kit supplier at the time and $16k a year.
I was going to say World Rugby must be willing to offer a sizeable salary out of their own pocket. I think being 67 at the time of the RWC is too old (I am ageist when it comes to coaching). If World Rugby is wanting to splash the cash on a coach there are better options. Personally I'd give the American assistant coach (Scott Lawrence) a crack for the next couple of years after Gold is fired for failing to qualify for the RWC. If Lawrence isnt up to snuff then you've still got loads of time to get someone suitable.
usually tier 2 nations get good old boys from the World Rugby job placement program but I could see them digging deeper for their golden ticket.

To kind of merge with the MLR thread, we badly need a CEO figure with our national team/ national program. Someone who has the connections to get our players into European clubs and academies. We can hire people underneath him to figure out the tactics but I'd really like to see someone come in and say "we are a professional outfit, you will play with professional sides while we work on getting MLR where it needs to be. If we can't get you to Europe we will help you be the best professional you can be stateside." I can't express the pride I feel when I see A'iinu playing for Toulouse or Timo for Montpellier. A kid who went through the American youth system playing playing in the biggest stage of rugby. We have a scrum half at Toulouse but would be great if we could get some more into professional setups.

I'm sure Gold is doing the best he can but right now we are mix of professionals, guys who are paid to pay rugby but do it part time playing against semi-pros, and one or two college kids. We badly need a shake up in environment.
Any rumors what cities might host in 2031? Hoping Atlanta or Charlotte as those are driving distance for me.
USA getting the World Cup makes sense since they have their own league now, and the game will grow only more, because of it.
Will it? Did 1995 FIFA help MLS or was it the Beckham/Messi effect.
Well mls was a requirement for us getting 94 so it was a big help. I don't think just handing it to us is very helpful but it very much needs to be "you need to have x and y in place to have a World Cup" which apparently has happened. Apparently if we don't deal with some of our civil wars going on WR has threatened to pull 2030 and 2031.

Beckham was a much bigger game changer in terms of getting teams in more areas and growing the league but without the carrot of 94 US soccer would be look a lot different than it does now.

I still have a lot of trepidations about MLR and the upcoming USA world cups though.
If either nation is granted this they need to present how they propose to increase participation and revenue for the grassroots/professional game in those nations

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