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Saddam to be Hanged


An Tarbh

Interesting verdict out of this trial after being found guilty of crimes against humanity in ordering the deaths of 148 Shia villagers in 1982, personally I have no sympathy for the man, he did order the firing of missiles into Riyadh when my Uncle was working there, and would never condone anything he has done but this verdict seems a trifle strange to me. Such a public execution will only serve to make a martyr out of him, he himself has said he wants to be shot by firing squad, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I'd let him rot in jail for life as it would deny him being made a martyr of. Understandably his victims families would feel differently about this but this is only giving him what he wants albeit in a slightly more painful way than a firing squad.

The automatic appeal will inevitably delay things so there could possibly be some twists and turns yet to come.

Your thoughts???
I'm not a fan of capital punishment, even for a peice of **** like Saddam.

Life in a cage with no creature comforts would of been a better decision IMO
Good, I totally agree with corporal punishment in his case... I think that the factor that if they locked him up, he would be broken out is a major one, so you may as well get it over and done with, and save a lot of money from not housing the ********
Given the level of security in the green zone I don't think that's an issue
There would still be that danger... and they are able to get to anybody, its a known fact if they wanted to get him out...
Not in that green zone and not in the near to long term future as the Americans are going nowhere.
We all knew this was coming, surely. After 3 years, it's about time.

Good, I totally agree with corporal punishment in his case... I think that the factor that if they locked him up, he would be broken out is a major one, so you may as well get it over and done with, and save a lot of money from not housing the ********

Not only do they have to worry about someone trying to break him out, but as long as he's alive, so is the memory and the hatred carried by the victims of his malice. This will give thousands of people the chance to move on with their life. Let us remember, whether or not you were for the war under the case of "WMD's" Sadaam was a cruel man who inflicted great autrocities against his own people.
Another reason not to let him rot in jail is that he could be made a martyr by going on hunger strike, or secretly publishing works of literature. End it now, and his influence is squashed.

I'm not usually a full on supporter of the death penalty, but this case I think that it is the only suitable punishment.
Agreed plus it is the cost of keeping him alive the money would be coming from the US and UK forces in there, why should we pay for that cruel and evil mans safety...
It's not an extra cost to keep Saddam in prison, the cost would be the same cause the security would be at the same level regardless of who is in the cells.
It will be an extra cost to keep him banged up, there would be a greater requirement for security and basically they need to get rid off him otherwise he will live on in the lives... I dont care whatever anyone says there would be an additional cost, as he is a security target...
OK I'll give you that alright there is a need for extra security but I refuse to believe that should Saddam be executed that that level of security that now exists at that prison will be scaled back. So to be it makes no difference financially should he live or die.
For to Iraq to move on, I feel he should be hung, his crimes against humanity are just cause for what needs to be done.... the thing now is once the Americans and the UK troops start to ease their troops out over the next 3 years, if Saddam was kept alive this would of not happend simple as, therefore with the threat of Saddam gone and his release they can now start to plan the proper move out of troops...
that's a fair point but do you not think there's always going to be a permanent presence of US and UK troops regardless of what transpires.
I was personally against the whole war in Iraq and in theory it should of been sorted out over 10 years ago when they had a genuine reason to kill Saddam... I do actually feel that there will always be some kind of precense in the country which i dont obviously agree with, but of course it wont be the same numbers of whats there now, and the UN aint gonna touch it with a bargepole because they didnt agree with it... so basically it will always be a UK and US responsibility...
they should cut his toes and fingers off, then beat him up with brass knuckles, and if that doesnt kill him then they should just shoot him.
yeah and they should get his dick and nail it to a table and slice off a piece at a time and cook it there and then and force him to eat it but instead of washing it down with a nice bottle of chianti they should force him to drink all the blood they spill instead

with those type of comments you're only lowering youselves to his standards.
there are much worse punishements than death, but i think just get it over with and he will be forgotten about sooner or later, keep him alive and he won't let anyone forget.

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