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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by keltsrugby, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. keltsrugby

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    Seems like we have a few of you on the site. I watched the last game against the tigers and have a question . How many games a year does steve thompsn cost your side due to his terrible throwing? He certainly was to blame for this loss. It was painful to watch him blow throw after throw inside the leicster 22m. I know people always say how bad he is throwing when he plays for england but I thought he would be better in club play. Also how fat is andy goode. Do they pay his contract in hamburgers? Was the first game I've seen in the priemership. It wasn't as good as the super 14, but it wasn't that bad since the saints like to spread the ball around.
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  3. ROFL. :lol: :lol:
  4. Black-Monday

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    When I first saw Andy Goode, I was wondering why a prop was kicking. No joke, my dad said he was a good kicker for a front row.

    Then when he saw him again for England, he said dam we must be desperatley wanting Wilko back if we have given props the kicking duties. He still doesn't believe me that he is a FH.

    Andy Goode > Matt Dunning

  5. Thompson's throwing at domestic level has been better than that, I think it was more a case of Leicester competing very well. Although he must take some of the blame, especially when he was **** in the loose as well.

    Saints have scored the most tries in the Prem this season, which is testament to our attacking game. Watch highlights of out games on, and you should see what I mean.

    There was also an unconfirmed rumour that the pie van in the ground had run out shortly after the Leicester team bus arrived...
  6. Muse_Cubed

    Muse_Cubed Guest

    From the Torygraph:


    But Wally needs a rest and a talking to. I think the whole England thing has really damaged his confidence but his ego hasn't suffered accordingly. He needs to lose a stone or two and get back to 2003 form. The lineouts weren't completely his fault, Saints haven't got stellar lineout jumpers (Although Damien Browne, Daniel Browne and Matt Lord are all workhorses in the loose) but he does need to do a lot of thinking this off-season. Maybe he should be decaptained with the Co-Captaincy transferred to Damien Browne or Paul Tupai.
  7. Boy

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    The stupid thing is that Goode has only put the weight on since he turned professional. My brother (not Rob) was in the Loughborough Uni squad with him a few years back, and in the squad photo Goode is a normal sized guy.

    You have to wonder how much he actually has to eat to stay fat, considering he'll be training pretty much every day.
  8. Bullitt

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    It's not Thompsons lineouts that cost us games, it's his constant f***ing about on the wing or in the centres.

    Oddly enough, he started it at the same time as the six nations. Bloody Andy Robinson. <_<
  9. Black-Monday

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    My theory is that Thompson has seen Goode as a FH, and thinks, ''Hey why don't I have a crack at a no.11, I can do a 20 second 100m''

  10. harrison2468

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    I'm sorry, you can blame andy Robinson for the six nations, for nearly destroying Matthew Tait, for killing Kenny, for bird flu, for the Lymouth flood, for Paris Hilton and for most of the stuff wrong in the world, but you can't blame him for making Thompson think he is a back.

    Hasn't anyone noticed yet in his teams and told him to do some donkey work or lose some weight before he gets in people's ways? Jesus, you would think a coach would put him straight.
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