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saw a documentry about kazakstani rugby today



was on setanta and followed them as they went through the wc qualifiers. pretty interesting to see how poor player welfare and preparation is. in one case when flying to sri lanka instead of a normal 14 hour journey the team was divided into two groups and the journey took 48 hours giving them only one day to prepare for the game
saw this as well

missed the beginning but caught most of it from their game against India I believe onwards

the Irish rugby nomad who played for the Kazakhs was interesting, although a bit condescending when he talked about their loss to Sri Lanka - who are a good team and very passionate about their rugby

good docu though with good highlights and biff and third half stuff with the Kazahkstan XV - especially liked the bit on how to drink Vodka by their coach
I was one of the match official for the game between Kazakhstan and Arabian Gulf, and it was quite sad that sooo much people in the crowd just imitates Borat! a few of them came running on the pitch, with Borat's underwear and well, got taken off the pitch...

Kazakshtan won the game against Arabian Gulf, and theyre a pretty good side I reckon...