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Scarlets Vs Ospreys



scarlets have named a very strong side for this as have the ospreys, hook vs jones should be worth the watch alone, the scarlets will be out for redemption after saturdays heineken cup loss, and not forgetting the drubbing they got of the ospreys at the liberty stadium in december, should hopefully be a cracker of a game.
Yup, can't wait for it.
There's always one thing we can rely on (for the past 4 years) Ospreys vs Scarlets derbies may not produce a good game, but by god it produces some great action.
ospreys won 19-6

james hooks try was immense, shanes break was top drawer, and brilliant hands in such bad conditions, the match was pretty poor, but conditions were ****

5 pts behind leinster now with a game in hand and were facing them at home on friday!!
I was there :(

Tbh, it was a **** game. Too many handling errors and not enough imagination on the part of the Scarlets' backs. I think they're getting a bit complacent at the minute, just expecting defences to open up for them, but obviously that's not gonna happen.

Our other problem today was the lineout. Every time it just looked sloppy and ****.

Oh well, I guess we'll still qualify for the Heineken next year (if it goes ahead) as one of the top three Welsh sides.
I missed the game but seen the highlights. Hook scored a complete set (try, conversion, drop goal & penalty) + all 19 points for the Ospreys. Why on earth Lyn Jones wasn't starting him at 10 at the begining of the season, I never now.
Because he's an absolute idtiot.
Everyone could see Hook was meant to be starting Fly Half, but it took GJ to pick him for Wales to make Lyn open his eyes.
I mean, Hooks was on the Osrepys "2nd's" squad back when they beat bath in the EDF. That's just ridiculous. Especially when he was chosing to play Gavin "I-can't-be-arsed-right-now" Henson at 1st choice fly half, when what he really needed was more time at no.12.

But the game was a big disappointment. Even tho i saw this type of a game coming a mile off, i was still hoping for more.
There wasn't even a good fight.
So the fight between Simon Easterby and Brent Cockbain in the first minute wasn't good enough? :p

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