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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Jonathan, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    hey all my first post here :D . i have played amateur on the wing (specifically left) for two years since i started when i was 22. however im not really enjoying playing there for several reasons, although my coach recommends me on the wings because of my pace :wacko: :

    1: i am quite shy when calling for the ball
    2: my centres often drift out wide and run across in front of me, which means anyone outside them has to go waaaaaay out in proportion with him which is ineffective, a sign of indecisiveness
    3: i have been told im a bit too bulky to play on the wing.

    I have been recommended two new positions:

    1: Centre, because i have quite sound handling, and i believe am sufficiently fit and skilfull
    2: Flanker, because of my coach telling me i often join into rucks, mauls and contact when i perhaps shouldnt, and i believe that i am physically strong enough

    this is an odd request, but which option sounds best for me (although none of you have seen me play) in your eyes: go to centre, flanker, or stay at wing. :cheers:
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  3. Welcome. :)

    I don't play union so I couldn't offer concrete advice, but I would say: Go with what YOU are attracted to. The aim of sport is to enjoy it and you'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more if you feel in control of where you play and what you're doing.
  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    well said, that's actually made me look at rugby from a different view. i would go with the forwards tbh. flanker it is!!! :bana:
  5. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    I was a bit the opposite to you, I was playing Fly Half, and doing pretty ****. It exposed my pretty lacklustre passing skills and showing me to hog the ball too much. So when I swapped to wing, I found more enjoyment. The adrenaline of ball in hand is better than handing it away for me!

    But then I ain't one to ever understand a scrum, so I can't give every perspective.

  6. DC

    DC Guest

    alright i play scrum half, so heres what i reccomend.. give each a shot during training.. flanker is a tough position, but so is center, so whichever you feel more comfortable at during training go with.. they are both very physical, and flanker is hell of a lot of fun.. try number 12 and 6 and 7 see what you like ;)

    and dont be shy to call for that ball, i do it a whole hell of a lot ;) and your teammates will know that if you call for it you are putting them in a position to win.

    so basically just try both out, and find which you feel more comfortable at..
  7. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    Welcome Jonathan, I myself have played most positions over the years, and personally enjoy being closer to the action, as I feel more involved in the game. Currently liking 2nd 5. Give flanker a go you may like it, if it's not your bag, 2nd 5 centre is good as you can still double round into your old wing spot every now and then in support. As said before try different positions at training, and go with the one you enjoyed more. Good luck!
  8. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

  9. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    :D thanks a lot lads, some good ideas here. its good to talk to people who have a lot of experience, as most of my mates prefer football (soccer) and the guys who are the same age as me in our club are basically new to the sport altogether, and the older guys arent very down to earth at all and it is difficult to approach them because of their huge experience (these guys are around mid-late 30's). but yeah ive seen blokes like yannick nyanga and sergio parisse, and im greatly impressed and i really want to play how they play, with nyanga being a superb supporting number 6, with an honorable mention to olivier magne :bravo: . like this bloke here DC13 who recommended number 12, 7 ,and 6, i think i would prefer 12 than 13, due to the position relative to the wingers, but 6 seems more attractive than 7 tbh, simply because i find making huge tackles a lot of fun, especially dumping fly-halves and backs with fruity boots :p :cheers:
  10. DC

    DC Guest

    sounds good to me as long as you dont dump me and my fruity, silver boots!! :p
  11. To be honest, if your moving into the back row go with 6. It's not as difficult as 7 in my opinion, having played in both positions a couple times to fill in.

    Oh yeah, WOO! Another Scot has joined!
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