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Shoulder braces


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Aug 2, 2016
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Hello Folks

My first post so please be gentle !

A request for some advice from current players or people on the medical side of the game. My son who plays centre and is old enough to make his own mind up has dislocated his left shoulder four times. The last two times he re-set it himself in the changing room and went back on. Since wearing a brace he hasn't dislocated that shoulder.This week during training however he fell and dislocated the other shoulder. He flatly refuses to consider surgery as that would keep him off work longer than just recovering from the dislocation.There is patently a weakness in how he is put together so the answer seems to be a double shoulder support/brace.
My question is therefore can anyone recommend some kit from personal experience please ?
Football kit? Sorry - couldn't resist.

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had a mate who suffered through rugby with shoulder dislocations. I did mine once towards the end of my playing career, and it was a nasty one. One where the arm goes down and under, rather then forward. Hurt like hell. I had to be put under to reset it. Just not sure there is any device or support that you could wear to avoid recurrences. Usually more from an odd angle impact than anything else. Weird injuries.

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