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Show us Your TRAMP!!!



Got a Famous Tramp in your town??

Then Let us know...

Name your Tramp, if you can show us Pics we want to see them...

Lets see your Tramps...
The now "sadly" deceased (apparently) 50p Lil, famous streetwalker of Northampton:




I'll let you all work out the name for yourselves.

Although I'm sure Mite knows where it's at. ;)
50p Lil was the only happy slap video I've ever laughed at.

I remember when I was a student and worked in EB and she came staggering straight up to the counter and demanded a pound from the till. "f*** off you dirty old slag" I shouted at her.

I got a round of applause from the customers!!! :lol:
Wow I didn't know she had died?

I think I saw that happy slap video aswell, unless there was more than one.
We've got Johnnie Wellies. Who is, a bit of a gobshite to be quite honest. ALthough he doesn't actually beg for money, he just smells of sour milk and swears a lot.



He stands on the streets of Cardiff, beating a bin with his drumsticks over and over...and over and over again. He also shouts and rants on at the police. "Fascist pigs" "Corrupt ********" etc are many of the phrases he spews out at them.

Oh and he's got a record contract now...so he can afford to stand on the street all day and do what he's always done. I despise the man, but ah god, i think the songs are so funky. Listen to 'Zulu Hip Hop' :lol:

Oddly enough, me Charlie and Tim managed to bump into Ninjah in our short time in Cardiff. Wearing a Waterstones t-shirt.... drumming away...

We have 'The Blanket Man' down here in Welly. He's the skinny one in front of that rubbish bin. Good to see he has friends too.
We have a woman called Jukebox Judy. She enjoys singing at the top of her voice on corners at busy intersections whilst listening to her walkman.
Here is the aforementioned Johnny Wellies. St.Helens hero. My mum once offerd to buy him some chips and when she got out the chippy he'd f***ed off.
There are various ideas banded around about him. One that he is rich and an eccentric who likes to live as a trap. One that he is a former teacher and one that he walks to Warrington regulary just for the fun of it. There are probably hundreds more theories. My grandma thinks he is a former mental pattient from the hospital she used to work at as a nurse but can't be sure. There are a few tramps around St. Helens who were left to wander the streets when Rainhill hospital closed.
There are a few tramps around St. Helens who were left to wander the streets when Rainhill hospital closed.[/b]

So the Hospital abandoned them just like that? That's mean. Are there churches who provide free food and drinks for them? because I've walked pass one church with it's sign indicating this, here in Central Welly.
i should see if i can get a picture of blanket man. man who just wears a blanket in the middle of town.

might be getting to cold for him though :)

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