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I will be creating new versions of the current crop as well as some additional teams.
Could I make a request for a gif one inc. the teams Australia, Queensland Reds, Leintster, Brisbane Broncos?

Though the Broncos one doesnt seem to work its says
Brisbane Broncos
IPB Image
I don't have the Broncos image anymore since my computer crashed in December last year. However, if someone else has it feel free to post it. You can create your own gif image through the instructions I left in the first post.
I have Photoshop back as some of you may have seen. I was thinking of updating the look of these, so let me know what you think.

<div align='center'>







If you have anytime an can i would like one of Uruguay.. :(

I really have NO idea how to do this sort of things otherwise i´d do it myself..

Edit: i´ll take my chances with the page you linked there. :D Don´t mind what i sayed.
The expalnations in the first post seem to be gone...How do I use more than one ?
Well I used THIS website to create my "userbar"(that's what the thing is called), the website still works for creating animated userbars but I'm having some difficulty accessing their archive, if you have the same problem you'll just need to upload your own images and create the userbar from there.
Or just google userbar to find other websites...
Hope it helps;)
You guys should probably delete this old thread. I'll start a new one with the same name along with the old details and update the first post as I complete stuff. I hope that edit doesn't disappear after a little while like the old days! lol

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