Side view? Full Match? AI Tries? YOU GOT IT

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by locksley, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. locksley

    locksley Guest

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  3. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Aww Locks, ya legend!


    Jamie Gough
  4. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Nicely done sir! [​IMG]
  5. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest no decent computer or internet access [​IMG]

    Locks....with your R2005 funding grant thingy [​IMG] can you fly here to NZ and give me a CD? In DVD format? Thanks [​IMG]
  6. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    downloadin it now... cheers locks

  7. woodie

    woodie Guest

    safe as houses
  8. viperun

    viperun Guest

    thanks locks.. since im downloading right now, did you make substitute changes?
  9. Badboy

    Badboy Guest

    You're a great locksley.We all owe u something... [​IMG]
  10. woodie

    woodie Guest

    Some things I noticed in this video(S)
    -Lineouts - poor animations, players catch the ball one handed as if there was superglue involved - and the throwing animation is cack
    -Kicking, ball looks like it either comes off the shin or goes through the foot before moving
    -Slow running - and players take the ball standing still - therefore I reckon the set piece moves (esp. try #2) look pretty poor.

    But there's a load of good stuff too.

    Is this the finished version?
  11. Boltman

    Boltman Guest

    Many thanks Locks, downloading it as I type! [​IMG]
  12. viperun

    viperun Guest

    Noticed something about the 2nd half vid - between 4:00 to 4:30

    - tho i think that the runner was in front of the kicker
    - also there was a susceptible forward pass

    can anyone confirm this cos' i thought that play was rigged
  13. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    WOW!!! Ask and ye shall receive!!

    Locksley, legend is not a strong enought term to describe your efforts....

    How do we organise a knighthood?

    Wahooooooooooooo!!! downloading now....hope I haven't jinxed it working - my computer is so ****...

    Thankx again Locksley. [​IMG]
  14. locksley

    locksley Guest

    You're right and side view shows these things up more!

    This view is terribly unplayable IMO! Classic 2 for me all the way!
  15. Locks,

    Very, very kind mate. Tremedous job. Thank you.
  16. sean43

    sean43 Guest

    Locksley, is this the full version? Where do you get these vids from, do you actually have the game? As I am downloading, is the crowd any good?
  17. lemon

    lemon Guest

    Hmmm.. the commentary actually annoyed me a lot less than I thought. Not much Mexted = good.

    There looked to be little skips and jerks here and there in the animation on occasion and on replays - in the game or just my media player?

    The backline move at 6:00 of the seconf half (file) was MINT.
  18. Jaysus! The bounce of the ball after some of the Sharks kicks into space is shocking! Talking right angles into touch!

    I think the animations look fine, was laughing that the guy dove for the line and came up short, and then Coetzee jumps on the ball for the try? That was a bit . . . odd.

    Don't know if I like this camera angle. Still on the fence til I play it myself.

    One other thing that bugged me was that the Sharks were winning when time had expired and they didn't just hoof it into touch to end the game (hell, the ball definitely would have got there with the way it bounces towards the touchline). Now, I admire their tactics of 'turning the screw' as it were and humiliating the opposition, but I sincerely hope that changes in a very close match.

    All in all, still very pleased with what I see.
  19. Yup & Yup, though the forward pass could very well be an 'animation glitch' where he had passed it on legally, but the animation was delayed in catching up.

    Yeah . . . that's it . . .

    And that passage leads to the weird try. After he (looks like the winger) dives, no one goes to ruck -- assuming he's scored -- then, all of a sudden, Coetzee jumps on the ball (which slipped out forward) and gets credited for the try.
  20. viperun

    viperun Guest

    how does broadcast view look like??? is it kinda like fifa?
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