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For all those budding single player gamers out there, Locksley's comments in the below thread have concerned me. ( "a few questions to Locksley or Umosay")

The difficulty level is the one thing that rugby games rarely get right, and it looks like rugby 2005 is also way off the mark.

Locksley says that normal difficulty is too easy, and hard is unplayable because you can't win possession or make any breaks. However, on hard its still easy to defend, so sounds like games could turn out to be a stale mate in the middle of the pitch.

Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions of how the single player game can be made fun, perhaps by using the player creator? Surely if you improve the overall stats of your team, i.e faster and stronger you will be able to find gaps on hard level?

But then how about defence? It seems on hard its still as easy to defend on single player as it is on normal. So maybe to get round this you change the stats of your team again, by reducing your player's tackling ability, or making the oppositon much stronger so they break through tackles.

I had to adjust the teams stats in rugby 2004 because the game was too easy on hard. By tweaking the teams you could eventually get some competitive games going. Pain in the a£$e to do though! I wonder if this is he answer to rugby 2005?

I suppose we can't expect the programmers to get the difficulty level right for everyone. Maybe its up to us to adjust the teams to suit us?

Any other thoughts on how you think the difficulty levels could be balanced out?
Forgot to say PLEEEEASE!

ALL suggestions very welcome
Hard to say having not obviously played the game.........

However it appears in the videos we have floating around that the acceleration of players (especially class backs) is a little on the slow side, which in turn doesn't allow the attacking player to exploit gaps like you might in real life.

Also it appears to affect the wingers ability to sprint for any room on the outside. One vid has the rocket man in open space but due to lack of any acceleration he is forced to take the safer option of playing close to his support players, thus not conceeding the turnover.

If there is a difficulty problem on the hardest level then raising the faster players acceleration ability across the board may help.........
That's what I'm thinking as well.

However, I think the AI will always take the safe route (back to support) rather than going for a hot-dog solo effort (even if they could make it). I've seen that happen in quite a few of the clips.

I'm certain of one thing -- this game warrants your own hands-on playtest before any final decision is to be made. The level of difficulty might be just right for some, and not for others. I'd say rent it first, and have a good crack at it.
I remember PES2 had major gameplay problems (which made it play like the FIFA series), that could be addressed by lowering about 5 different ability stats 10% across the board.
what they need is like in NHL where u can change individual AI like game speed passing speed tackling and so on make the perfect level of play.

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