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Sione Lauaki dies at only 35

Big lad he was. Always felt he should have remained representing Tonga than NZ. Could have become a cult hero.
Sad indeed. Vaguely remember him during the 2005 Lions tour. Still renal failure at 35 like Lomu. Is this common amongst those of Pacific Island descent?
was a bit of a surprise to me, I knew he had health issues but I thought I saw him at my local shopping mall towards the end of last year and I was surprised at how good he looked.

unusual player, gifted with crazy size and power but had his flaws. Was a shame we did not see more of him at his best for the All Blacks. For the chiefs he was one of those players that just made stuff happen, some of his highlights were jaw dropping. Not many will have forgotten his hand off of McCaw, I don't think anyone else ever handled McCaw like that.
yeah, high protein diet common in the western world is not healthy and bad for the kidneys among other things. Then there is the diet which is common for athletes which is even higher in protein. IMO its not a case of bad genetics its more a case of bad diet hurting Pacific islanders more than some other groups.

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