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Just for interest sake.. But on what level do you play the game?

  1. Hard

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  1. Stormers

    Stormers Guest

    I play the game on hard, but curious to see on what other skill levels you guys play on
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  3. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    i like hard, but it doesn't make the AI smarter in offense.
    its just harder to get through the defense....btw the only reason i switched it to hard was because on normal i was beating england with new zealand 48-12 then i got bored and quit......why 'o' why dont they make the AI smarter in offense?

    only time the AI does attack is when their momentum bar high, other than that all they do is kick and tackle....multiplayer all the way!
  4. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

    Normal, and I do not win every match [​IMG]
  5. Griff

    Griff Guest

    I play it on Normal and I struggle - lost 6-0 to Cats as British Lions [​IMG]
  6. dr4gon

    dr4gon Guest

    yep play on normal, the highest score ive had is 21 - 14 Waratahs v some team [​IMG] ( i suck)

    This game IS rugby.

    And as a league fan, i appreciate it. I think Sidhe will sit up and take note, and RL2 will be great...

    A golden age for us rugby game fans [​IMG]
  7. ninjapirate

    ninjapirate Guest

    i think normal is way too easy, but hard is too hard. ive lost both matches i did on hard, but only 1 match ive ever done on normal.... damn chris latham with a knock on when we were up by two.....
  8. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    I play on hard and it is tough, you need to completely relearn your timing tactics, but it is a challenge, and allthough bugf***ed and ufair its totally addictive, each try you score has you punching the air!!
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I hope this is going to help these lost souls.....

    CHOOSE YOUR FRIGGIN DEFENSIVE PLAYS AND THEY WILL NOT KICK ALL THE TIME - FFS!!!!!!!! I mean AAAarrrrrrrarararararaarggghghhhhhhhh!!!

    Please just do it....if it doesn't seem to be doind anything it is cos you have to change a player or two - you can't send your wingers back for the kick if you are bloody one of them...

    commonsense - come on fellaz!!!!

    The game is getting unfairly bagged....I have great games on hard with tries scored by both teams frequently.....You must be constantly pushing buttons and control all aspects of the game - you can then start getting tightheads and win lineouts against the throw etc....HINT - Listen to the commentator.....!!

    and apply this attention to detail to all other aspects of the game before you bag it one more time. This is a good game....if you are co-ordinated.
  10. Started playing on medium, but got bored because it was too easy and moved to hard, which is quite a step up when you first start on it.
  11. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    kinkon has the same problem as me....i changed to hard coz i was kicked the computers ass completely on normal!
    even on hard im still kickin ass....the AI is so predictable

  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    What teams you playing with?

    I expect to win on Hard every game I play with NZ, Blues and my kick-ass WL team....BUT.....playing a World Cup with Ireland or Wales I imagine would be very challenging though.....or WL with no stats over 90 on speed etc......

    What do you reckon? Or is it all too easy now?

    Because I can only think you guys are "cheating" (the way I see the following tactic) by running into attckers with your defenders. This doesn't work in real life and I do not tolerate it being used in the game. I endeavour to make all my tackes (instead of computer) and to use x button for every one. Actually making the tackle - results in deserved turnovers and deserved breaks if mis-timed etc....this is the only way to play the game and I pity the fool(s) who have not being doing so hitherto. Basically the game must suck for you - like 2004 with better graphics....yuck.
  13. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    I play on normal and the tournaments are way too easy with a decent team. However, it was a challenge for me to win the WC with USA. I started on WL (Edinburgh) and limited myself to 2 trades/season and I don't make any in the off-season. I get kind of loyal to the decent guys on my original team so it's hard to get rid of Heffler or Nawalli. I am in my third season (my first in DIV 2) and I am in first place but I have two losses. I lost 2 of the first 3 but then I picked up Umaga and paired him with Patterson at the centers and I haven't lost since. Once I win WL, I will try it on hard.
  14. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    I havn't played on normal much, i did when i first played the game and didn't take me long to win tornaments like super 12(cru) world cup(nz) six nations (wales) so i went to hard still won super 12(cru) world cup(nz) six nations(wales) have no problem as long as i have a decent team. if i have a crappy team like at the start of the world league i just have to much trouble. everyone is to slow and getting creamed all the time. well not creamed just beaten normally by 12 or less [​IMG]

    ahh well still a great game, havn't played it for a week as i am moving this weekend got to pack!!! excellent game still
  15. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    I'm beginning to find hard quite easy now - just won the european cup with bath. Played Wasps, Leicester and Munster in the finals and expected close games, but thrashed them all! Also just won the lions tour to New Zealand. Again thrashed everyone. About to play a six nations with a weakened England. Expecting to win pretty easily.

    Beginning to find the AI attack very predictable. Their running game is getting too easy to defend against, and they only score tries when they are no more than ten yards out, or if they have a five yard scrum. would be nice to see them score some 50 metre tries like I can!

    Anyway it has been great game, I have enyoyed it a lot in the last two weeks.
  16. shiznit

    shiznit Guest

    ive given up on the game. its bloody easy. i play on hard and can thrash most sides with most sides. ive even beaten Australia 45-14 with Georgia.
  17. I've just started doing something similar on Hard mode. To make the game more challenging, I have taken an England squad that could go to the next World Cup. This means a lot of emerging players, and I have left out people such as Wilkinson to add to the difficulty. Been fun so far, produced comfortable wins against Georgia and Fiji. Neither were thrashings though.
  18. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    I've done the same with Eng, whilst using Lazy Chesnuts editor to tweak the key opposition teams (Aus, NZ etc)

    Had a cracking game against Aus which I lost 31 -16

    I also recommend you use the add a man to ruck rule (see my new topic)

    I guess the day when the game was going to become too easy was always going to come. Its now time to do some tweaking and introduce some rules. I did this with 2004 and started to really enjoy the game again. I still think there is a cracking game in 2005, it just requires some adjustments!

    Playing Aus again tonight using new rule, and amended team. I'll let you know how I get on.
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