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Some Hi-res Screens

wicked stuff man
i can't wait to get home and play the game now damnit
these are by far the best pics i have ever seen on the web.....for games

imagine ps3 xbox360 with this format

brilliant stuff ADAM PARORE
Originally posted by Parore@Dec 7 2005, 10:42 AM
I took them myself.
The settings were:

Nvidia Go 6800
Great! Thats the card I've got.
How do you find the game?
Also, don't you think the colours on that roosters jersey are a bit off?

Parore you are the man

These pics appear to confirm that the old side cam has been adjusted for the better

the sidecam pics indicate i can see the defense (in RL1 u couldnt)
it also indicates u can see your whole back line pretty good

can anyone confirm if sidecam is more user friendly than RL1........if so this will be off the hook coz i cant play games on behind cam apart from madden
Its pretty smooth at 1920x1200 around 60FPS
Yes the sidecam is much better

Also what i like is there is a "exhaustion" meter or somesort, where it tells you how tired your players are and makes an interchange more useful.

While some animations look like RL1 you will really enjoy being able to control the defence, I always hated when in RL1 they got run away trys from the kick off as you just couldnt tackle.

Behind Dynamic Camera is not there

Now not every player can offload, I found that I could offload better with Stacey and Sione whereas when Ruben hit the ball up it was really difficult to get a pass away

Someone needs to find a way to change the keyboard keys ffs
Originally posted by Parore@Dec 7 2005, 01:56 PM
This is for ak47


Sidecamera Far:

Beautiful stuff Parore.........this is awesome

Someone give him a TRF award!!!!

These are great shots......should be wallpapered across the forum.
I've come to a decision. I'm definitely upgrading to the richmans gaming market and buying this for PC...
I owe you enough praise already so dont feel obliged.

Can you do ya best to get a close up of milton?
Originally posted by bippy@Dec 7 2005, 06:15 PM
I owe you enough praise already so dont feel obliged.

Can you do ya best to get a close up of milton?

I hope thats him?