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SRU Plan to persuade Kevin Locke to switch codes to play for Scotland

Wow do people even watch rugby and rugby league. Kevin Locke is ****house! the reason the Warriors let him go no hassles at all is because he was rubbish. Great junior but never converted his talent and just another could of been now. Comparing Sam Tomkins and Kevin Locke is like comparing a Porshe with a toyota. Tomkins is a far superior player, faster foot work, brilliant passing and super positioning to set other players up.

Kevin Locke would not even make a wider training group for a New Zealand Super Rugby side. He is an ITM Cup bench player at best. Scotland must be desperate to be going after him. Could you imagine him marking Julian Savea or Corey Jane ? --------------------------- NO WAY he would be destroyed. Sad day for Scotland rugby. The bottom of the barrel.

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The only time Kevin Locke has ever been a strike player was in the NRL u20's - against grown men he has always been ineffectively hopeless. Come on Scotland you can do better than this

Tomkins is rubbish, not sure what games you are watching. Locke was far more effective in first grade than Tomkins was this past season. Small, no good under the high ball and can't defend.
Mate the Warriors let Locke go because he saw [email protected] and they dropped him to playing local league! not even reserve grade - Salford want him gone now because he is ********, Tomkins had the 3rd highest try assists in the NRL in 2014. I suggest you actually try watching the games and not just listen to the neighbors opinions
Didn't see much of Locke last season due to his injury and the appearance of Tomkins. He's a good player. But I would invest in developing Scottish youth players rather than trying something like this.

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