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Steve Ganson apologises to Bulls...




MONDAY - 7th May 2007

Referee Steve Ganson has admitted he was wrong to award Leeds Rhinos’ match-winning try against Bradford Bulls at the Millennium Stadium.

The St Helens official awarded a last-minute touchdown to Leeds substitute Jordan Tansey rather than referring it to video referee Ashley Klein.

Slow-motion replays indicated that Tansey was clearly offside as he chased captain Kevin Sinfield’s penalty kick at goal which rebounded off a post.

Tansey’s try, right on the hooter, gave Leeds a 42-38 victory that took them to the top of the engage Super League at the expense of their arch rivals.

Ganson, one of the Rugby Football League’s most experienced officials who was flown to Brisbane for the recent Anzac Test, declined to comment after the match but on Monday took the unprecedented step of issuing an apology.

"After reviewing the video footage from the game it is clear that I made the wrong decision in awarding Jordan Tansey’s try," he said. "In hindsight, I wish I had referred the decision to the video referee.

"At the time, my focus was on ensuring that the Bradford Bulls players were not putting off the kicker, rather than ensuring all the Leeds Rhinos players were onside.

"I didn’t refer the decision to the video referee as both touch judges, who were stood behind the posts awaiting the conversion, had a good view of the grounding and I didn’t feel the need to check for offside as it’s very rare that players from the attacking side are in front of the kicker.

"However, the video footage shows that I was wrong not to do so as a number of Leeds players were offside.

"I would now like to offer an unreserved apology to all those concerned, especially the players, officials and supporters of the Bradford Bulls."

Stuart Cummings, the RFL’s match officials director, said: "Steve is one of the most experienced officials in the game and is highly regarded around the world.

"He’s big enough to accept he’s made a mistake and was the first to hold his hands up this morning when we reviewed the video footage.

"At each rugby game there are three teams, two competing clubs and a team of match officials, all of whom are human beings who can make mistakes at any stage during the course of the game.

"Unfortunately some are more costly than others, and it is very regrettable that, in this case, it was so significant."

All well and good that he can hold up his hands and say sorry, but that's the top spot lost for Bradford.
Great way to end the game though.
Just finished watching Boots 'N' All and the more they showed of "that try" the more it becomes apparent that it was a total injustice to Bradford.
From the decision to give the penalty, to the decision to award the try.
Very harsh.
ganson is a rubbish ref. he isn't much better than the nrl refs who are pretty bad themselves
He did go to the video ref many times that day, but as inexperienced as i am in the sport of League right now, i see the video ref is often used regardless of who is refereeing. Other than that point, i didn't see him have too bad a game.
He's the best ref in Super League. And that's not just because he's from St Helens.

Sure he got that catastrophically wrong but Bradford are now asking for the points back. Yeah, right. Games hinge on refereeing decisions all the time - why should this be any different?
Yeah, they're never gonna get the points back.
That's 2 points they're gonna have to forget about and try to work back some other way, i'm afriad.
Yeah, they're never gonna get the points back.
That's 2 points they're gonna have to forget about and try to work back some other way, i'm afriad.

Swings and roundabouts is our game of RL! Leeds I'm sure have been unlucky with regards to refereeing decisions in the past and will most probably be so too in the future!