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Steve Staunton unveiled as Irish Coach


An Tarbh

Well the clowns at the FAI have struck again, John Delaney had a vendetta against Brian Kerr from the first day he took over as CEO, especially when announcing that he didn't vote for Kerr on the three man FAI committee. Hardly surprising that he didn't offer Kerr another contract, even though Mick McCarthy got 2 full campaigns but Kerr gets one.

Now they bring in the Walsall assistant coach, not even the actual coach but the assistant, **** sake, they're a bunch of cheapskates, â'¬90000 to get him out of his contract, they've got a bargain there.

You could just imagine a meeting between the English FA and the FAI. So Mr FAI how did you pay for your coach, Mr FAI - well we used the money we made on programmes from the Swiss match. Different story for the English FA I'm sure.

I'm not saying we should have tried to get someone like Erickson but surely someone with even premiership managerial experience behind him at least, but Steve Staunton, this is truly taking the ****. Robson as his mentor might be a saving grace but he'll be given the push after the European campaign.

We're becoming a laughing stock now with the likes of Delaney in control of the FAI, we won't be enjoying any competitive tournament action for a long time methinks.
Still only a young guy aswell - he plays part-time for Walsall as well. Crazy really to give a guy with so little experience an international job.
Well there is one good thing to come out of all this, at least we didn't end up with Paul Merson.
Originally posted by An Tarbh@Jan 15 2006, 09:10 AM
Well there is one good thing to come out of all this, at least we didn't end up with Paul Merson.
Walsall play total football though!

No, seriously...............


Farce upon farce from the FAI - ROI are being taken backwards as opposed to forwards. There doesn't seem to be a plan at all. If there was, Brian Kerr would still be in charge!
Originally posted by An Tarbh@Jan 14 2006, 09:10 PM
Well there is one good thing to come out of all this, at least we didn't end up with Paul Merson.
For a second I misread that and thought you said somone else;

In his day he was a decent player, but I don't know about his coaching credentials.... he must have the UEFA badges to take the job but still... experience counts for a lot when it comes to management, particularly on the international stage.
just a pity that his experience is on the pitch rather than off it which is where it should be for any international management position.
well they have to start somewhere, Walsall being an ideal club for a new management but he took about 4 jumps up the ladder in getting the Ireland job, I seriously hope that this massive gamble pays off as I'd like to get to go to the finals of a major tournament while I'm still in my 20s so I can still have the energy to enjoy it, **** sake.
It's a massive step up. It's no bigger than the step Stuart Pearce took from being City's coach to being their next manager, but Staunton has gone from a team in Fizzy Pop League One to international level!
yeah but Pearce has enthuasiam and is passionate. Staunton has no personality at all. The press are gonna hang him out to dry sooner or later and he won't hack it.
I think Staunton will probably end up living up to the mantle that great players don't necessarily make great coaches.
I hadn't heard much about the Irish coaching job for a while but what happend to el tel getting the job???, he was a great coach for the socceroos never lost a game, he would have been much better for u guys.
agreed but the FAI are a bunch of cheapskates who won't put the money up for a decent manager if it impacts on their junkets around the world.

Sure when the Irish team played their world cup qualifier in Cyprus before the 2002 world cup it was the players who travelled in coach and the big wigs put themselves in first class, they're a complete joke, especially that pillock Delaney.
Venables has put his name forward for the South Africa job. Ex ireland manager Brian Kerr is also believed to be interested.
Was a clever move by Kerr putting himself forward for that job, what with world cup qualification guaranteed.

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