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Story for next season


Denis Hoctor

So we've lost Borders and I hear there was some talk about a new privatly funded Scotish team. Has anyone heard if there are to be any major format changes for next season?
I hope for a knockout cup at the end of the season involving the top 4 teams. And I heard Gareth Jenkins complain about fixture congestion at the end of the season. So we may see ML fixtures spread out more.
as far as im aware, a third scottish team has all but been ruled out for next season. It was supposed to be based in stirling, however the local club are strongly opposed to the idea, saying it will have an adverse effect on the club scene - and the clubs own the SRU so that is that. (or at least that is my understanding)

i heard talk of possible play-offs to decide league winners, but not sure if anything came of it.

(TBH, all i know about next season is that as a warriors supporter, for the first time since the 4th May I know where our next home game will be played!)

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