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Hey, I know that this is asked a lot, but i've been looking for a strength and conditioning program that is based around 3 or 4 days a week (Yes, i've been searching google/chacha) that would help me with my upcoming season in Februrary. If anyone has a program that works for them and could send me it, that would be great.

PS: If it helps, I'm training for Hooker/Prop, and I will have a friend with me just incase of exercises that needs spotters.
I can't seem to edit my post, but i would like to add that my friend would like to train for back row (primarily the number 8), ill continue my search in the meantime
I am also a hooker, and I actually followed a conditioning programme with my clubs senior first XV from may till about mid july so I can't help you with that. Really just that you should work in blocks. For example, we spent 3 weeks on general conditioning, getting people back into the way of training, then another 3 on speed developments, then a tougher conditioning programme, then some agillity then rugby specific conditioning (IE rucking constnantly for 4 minutes or something like that).

As for gym work, I was in for 3 sessions a week. I split my exercises into upper and lower body.

First session a week was spent doing bench press, shoulder press, shrugs, bent over arm row and flies and squats (a lower body exercise, I know, but as a front row I think that working your lower body with an excerise such as squats is essential).

Second session was lower body. So dead lift, squats, lunges, step ups. Not as many exercises because you will lift alot more weight on your legs and I did not want to over do it on my back.

Third session, usually on a saturday, was more of a mix and slightly lighter, again, as not to over do it. Usually it was squats, bench, shoulder press, shrugs and lunges.

During each gym session I worked my core. This is absolultey essential to any rugby player but especially a front row. I would do sit ups, leg raises (lying on a bench with my legs over the edge and raising and lowering my legs very slowly), planks with a medicine ball (feet on it...this seems to work it more), press ups with my legs on the ball and another kind of press up where by you go down, then up then when up move one of your arms up.

Thats what I used, and this is bearing in mind that even though I'm only 17, I am 15.5stone and have been using weights since I was 14. As I've said, I'm quite big lad with alot more muscle on me than most folk my age. If you have never really done proper gym work before, this probably is not for you.
Well *brushes off shoulders quite smugly* I just happen to coach a University Rugby Club. Here is my three day training program I developed for my team. DO IT. If you have questions about how to perform any of the lifts or drills contact me. You need to be strong. Strength is key. You will be Chabal-like after you hit this training program!

DAY3:Fun Day
*Start Off Workout By Doing 10 Minutes On The Treadmill At 3.2 MPH At Incline Set To 10
1. Bench Press
3 Sets x 10 Reps
2. Back Row
3 Sets x 10 Reps
3. Over-Head Squat
3 Sets x 10 Reps
4. Lunges
10 Reps
5. Hammer Curls
3 Sets x 10 Reps
Hold dumbells like you would hold a hammer
6. Tricep Extensions
3 Sets x 10 Reps
Use Rope
7. Shoulder Shugs
3 Sets x 10 Reps
8. Rotator Cuff Cable Pulls
3 Sets x 10 Reps
Set cable to elbow height. Use the single hand attatchment. Stand perpendicular to the machine and use your inside arm to pull the cable inwards to your chest. Use light weights. Switch body position and repeat with other arm.
9. Red Cross Lunges
5 Reps
10. Stairs
2 Sets Happy Feet
Step to first step with right foot and chop feet 3 times. Step to second step with left foot and chop feet 3 times. Repeat till you reach the summit. This is a fast action drill.
2 Sets Skip Step
2 Sets Normal
11. Crunch
50 Reps
Swiss Ball
12. Back Extensions
50 Reps
Swiss Ball

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