Super 14 FINAL - Crusaders v Hurricanes

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Wally, May 21, 2006.

  1. Wally

    Wally Guest

    The inaugral Super 14 final takes place this Saturday between the Crusaders and Hurricanes in Christchurch.
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  3. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Right then... finals are finally here (and we call start looking forward to a couple of internationals then the Tri Nations).

    The Canes battled the Tahs (when they shouldn't have had to since the dominated all but the score) whilst the Crusaders smashed the Bulls with an extremely convincing win.

    The Crusaders would have to be the favourites to take it out for another year BUT the Canes have a the ability to attack from any ware plus they'll be wanting to send Tana off in grand style.

    Graham Henry I think will be freakin' that both sides don't kill each other as the internationals loom and Ritchie will hope he's not going to get throttled again (how the hell did the idiot from the Canes not get suspended for that!?).

    Personally I'm going for the Crusaders due to them having the brains to win a game of rugby, hoping for a dry pitch, plenty of running out wide, bit hits in the mid field, a hell of a battle in the lose forwards and a game played with spirit.

    This game is almost NZa vs NZb (just mixed up that’s all)... 9. Weepu, 10. Carter, 11. Missing, 12. Mauger, 13. Nonu, 14. Gear, 15. McDonald

    The BIG question is... is anyone going to bother watching from Australia or South Africa?
  4. Wally

    Wally Guest

    The ratings will be very low here.

    I'm starting to doubt the concept of the Super 14. Surely it would be better in terms of rugby development if each nation just concentrated on their own indiviudal league. We could even have a shortened version of soccer's Champions League with the top 2 or 3 teams from each competiting for the Southern Hemisphere's best. That way we'd be able to develop more talent, sustain more interest from the public / media and still have the excitment (but in the case of Champions League there would obviously be somewhat more) you get when provincial teams play a team from another country.
  5. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Disagree completely.

    Agree that there should be more emphasis on a nations internal Rugby, hold on - NZ's got the NPC and South Africa has the Currie Cup... Australia has got what?

    And if Australia didn't have the Super 14 then what would you have?

    As a Kiwi I'm happy with the way things are managed in NZ... NPC, Super 14 and then National squad. From what I can make out from the South Africans that I've spoken to are happy with their setup (they'd just like to win more).

    Comes down to how things are managed within your country, I realise that there is a lot of competition for athletes and fans a like in Australia across the different codes (Union, League and AFL)... and only one of them has a world cup.

    Maybe you’re just bummed out because of the way Australia ended up?
  6. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    league has a world cup

    its just crap

    but i do agree that aussie need another compitition, they need one like the nrl that would be good for the game over there imo.

    as far as i know they only have the super 14 and they do do well even if that is their own competition.

    and i think now with the air new zealand cup the new zealand teams can only get stronger.

    crusaders should completly dominate the canes. if they played like they did last night i dont see the canes coming close

    but i do think it will be a close game :)
  7. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    I do agree with you woosah the aussies do need another comp like the NPC or something to sharpen there skills and get stronger...I saying that doesn't south africa have another comp so why aren't they stronger in that sense
  8. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    O'Neil probably would've probably already set one up if it wasn't for politics in the ARU.

    Look how quickly he has guided that new Soccer comp up.
  9. esoj

    esoj Guest

    quite simply super 14 brings in the money because it is played internationally. tv rights etc is all valuable money and without the super 14 there would not be as much money coming in. if there was no super 14 australian rugby would go downhill very fast imo.

    crusaders I think will be too strong and win against the hurricanes. hopefully the hurricanes put up a good fight but I really can't seem them winining. The crusaders are just unstoppable at jade and think they will notch up game no 19 unbeatn there since feb 2004.
  10. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Not really... Soccer numbers are pretty high here nowadays and is starting to gain legitimacy (unfortunately), so Rugby isn't the only sport that can claim international significance over here now.
  11. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Yup Soccer has come out of nowhere... even I'm going to the game against Greece (free ticket, free grog, I'm in)... also soccer has been managed well here (includes marketing) plus the soccerwho's have got through.

    I reckon something has to give... soccer will only build momentum, the biggest loser could be AFL (stupid idea that salary cap... stupid), the biggest winner could be Union and the Super 14.

    Now that Western Australia has a team (and looking at the turn out's for their home games have got one hell of a fan base) and that team starts winning against the other teams then there's something to work on

    But this post is about the final, Australia's not in it and thats whats important
  12. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    f*** yeah!

    This should be an excellent match. A couple of weeks ago Collins came out and said that the team spirit was bloody high, and they were going to give their all to the Waratahs to clinch the Home semi... Last week was the same. He said that now they've got the home semi, they have to win to get their first final in the 10 years that they've been thereabouts good enough.... This week the Canes will go down south and put up a massive struggle with the Crusaders... This will definitely be no easy win for the Crusaders. Certainly not a guaranteed win. If the rest of the Canes are like Collins, they really want it.

    Massive contest though... Canes have the best backrow, even if they don't have Richie. Canes on paper are the better team individually with Weepu, Eaton, the Bouncers, Fa'atau, Nonu, Umaga... And the forwards were massive last week. Crusaders have Carter, MacDonald, McCaw, Gear and Jack as the real stars, but as a team they are amazing. They know eachother very well, and have been coached excellently.

    Should be a great game for a New Zealander...
  13. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    f*** yeah!
  14. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    ....and rugby lovers alike... :p
  15. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Go Canes!!

    I hate Dan Carter........

    Have always had a softer spot (for a kiwi team), for the Canes - Big fan of Umaga, Nonu, and Jonah (even though not playing now)
  16. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    This game will rate very well in australia

    We got more KIWIS here than they have :p
  17. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    lol, True. I just hope that they try and belt the crap out of each other! One of the things that is a little dull about kiwi local derbies IMO is that you guys don't hate eachother enough... You just don't get matches with that massive feeling of spite all throughout like we have with NSW v QLD. Man, wouldn't that be an unreal S14 final? It won't happen for some years to be sure, but NSW v QLD final at either Suncorp or Telstra!! The atmosphere would be so hostile and electric! The atmosphere would be like the Heiniken Cup final!
  18. esoj

    esoj Guest

    well big blow for the crusaders and proabbly the all blacks with yound andy ellis ruled out for at least six weeks due to a medial ligament tear.
    ellis was a certianity imo to make the abs squad but that is now gone due to injury.
    (source for news about the injury is from

    kevin senio should do a good job but ellis has the best pass out of any halfback in nz at the moment and will be missed.
  19. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    Soccer is popular now in Australia due to the fact they qualified for the WC! After thatm, for another 4 years there will be silence, Australia is playing in the Oceania zone and they have no competition ! I dunno exactly but in previous World cup qualification games they destroyed Western or American Samoa by 34 to 0 (no guys, it wasn`t a rugby score, it was a footie one LOL).

    Australia need a RU internal competition! They have something like that in NSW (most of the teams from Sydney and neighbourings) but it have to be national! They can`t have that due to RL and AFL influence !

    How are the ratings going to be for this final in SA or Australia? Obviously, lower than the ratings for a game with an Aus, SA team! Nevertheless ppl here like rugby and i bet they`ll watch the final!

    Coming to the game, of course, for everone it`s obvious Crusaders are the favorites! Don`t underestimate Canes, in fact, they`ve got nothing to lose and that makes them very powerful!
  20. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Canterbury stole the wrong Senio.
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