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Super 14 Semi Final - Hurricanes v Waratahs

dont even think i will get around to watching it on tv, maybe if i can hold off going to my gfs.

i hate going to hurricanes/wellington games if canterbury arnt playing. i just cant get into it the same.

watching it on tv can be a bit of a bore as well

my grandfather brought me up well didnt he :)
yeah true i just thought it being a semi and all you might have gone but guess not. crusader through and through you are.

should be a good game I think. both teams have exciting players in the backs that can do damage. the intesity will proabbly lift as well due to it being a semi.
yeah i cant go to a game where i dont follow the team

it just doesnt feel right, feels like i am betraying canterbury rugby

sooo boring to watch ;)

Rogers at fullback

Palu back from injury

Berne out of the team

Tahs 31-21
Hurricanes 22-17. :bravo:

I'm not biased, but the Warratahs suck cock custard.
COME ON CANES!!! Problem is if(when) the Crusaders win I think The Waratahs will give them more of a game in the Semis.
Rodney should've just kicked Phil Waughs arse there and then.

Wouldnt have mattered if he got suspended, their still going to lose the final.
This competition is getting so bogus. Now the Crusaders are pretty much guaranteed another ***le.
Australia out... OK boys... calling all aussies... any ANZAC spirit out there or are you going to back the saffas?

Close game, could have been anyones at the end of the day. Kiwi's will be stoked that one team is through and will be hoping for a dual kiwi final.

Rogers should have been first five, simple as that... also time for Loti to work towards the 13 jersey... more ball, more running at the opposition.

Man of the match - ***o (hell of a Ginga)
Originally posted by Wally@May 19 2006, 08:16 PM
New South Wales choke fest. Just like the good old days.
YEP! That about sums it up. That game was there for the taking, but no, the Tahs decided that the didn't really want it and threw it out the window! I mean WHAT THE F@#K were they thinking with that scrum??? and WHY didn't lote RUN the ball if he thought he had the advantage????

In the words of my Samoan kiwi mate after the 2003 RWC semi : FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!

**** performance by NSW, was just so dissapointing.
Originally posted by Dumbo@May 19 2006, 08:22 PM
Australia out... OK boys... calling all aussies... any ANZAC spirit out there or are you going to back the saffas?

Normally, I'd back NZ every time against SA, but I'm just so sick of seeing kiwi teams win the Super 12/14 that anyone else will do... including the Bulls.
And there you go... welcome to the ANZAC myth.

Shame on you Australia, shame on you... you are the biggest loser