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Super 14 Semi Final - Hurricanes v Waratahs



Right then, the business end is upon us… The Hurricanes host the Waratahs for the first of the semi finals… Hurricanes look like the are consolidating whilst the Waratahs are getting side tracked by the media circus that is turning out to be Wendal Sailor.

Appears to be no injury from the Hurricanes camp whilst the Tah’s will be down a winger before they even start.

Both teams have a quality defensive setup and attacking flair… who wants it? Who’s focused? Who’s got the home crowd?

Very very interesting...
The Tahs should be shot if they dont get there act together and win this semi.

I never thought i'd say this but EWAN please start Halangahu :ph34r:
Originally posted by The TRUTH!!@May 15 2006, 09:53 PM
The Tahs should be shot if they dont get there act together and win this semi.

I never thought i'd say this but EWAN please start Halangahu :ph34r:
I predict the Tahs will bring their A game and win this.....

...then they will go on and deal to the Crusaders.

I have been 50/50 on my predictions..........

....so in conclusion....I know nothing.

But I would not be surprised at all if the Tahs turnd up with a steely determination particularly after their Wendell saga........remember the Wallabies 3 years ago after everyone had written them off?????
I'm not writing them off... bloody aussies, they pull it out of the bag when they have too. More media attention on drugs could be unsettling though…
its the year of the hurricane gg...tana gon go hard..this is practically his last game/s..with this as his world cup final he will be determined to win this tournament

go the canes..will be a very exciting game but with home field advantage on there sides..and that rugged az loose trio of the canes..the backline will get quickie ball from tha rucks and clean the field up

hurricanes 27 - 19 waratahs
I wouldn`t bet on this game!

In theory, Canes have the home ground advantage, they won away , really showed some quality defence (let me remind you they`ve played almost entire second half without a player) and Tahs are on the downhill (lost to Chiefs, lost to Canes, lost the second place). They even lost Sailor :D

But don`t write them off! They still can pull their act togheter and play like a team! They`ve got quality players , it`s all up to their morale
Hot damn, I would have made a handy ammount of money last week if I chucked my 20 bucks that I found under my bed on the Hurricanes...

I'm gutted. I wanted to go and see this game live, but I'm working at the time, so I'll have to set up the video recorder or something and block my ears for a few hours.

Hurricanes to win 23 - 19

Tries to Toeava, Eaton (if he plays) Weepu. No bull.
Take the day of, you don`t have too many chances seeing Canes advance to the final! :D
gopperth is most likely to start for the canes as holwell is still recovering from his knee infection and may not even be on the bench.

well this should be a cracker of a game. both teams look fairly even and I think it may come down to who pulls it together on the night. if the canes are close enough or leading near the end the home crowd I think will bring them home. the tahs have quality players and if rogers firs then the canes will most likely be in for a tough game. both teams have great firepower and defence will play a big part in deciding the outcome of the game.

my tip is for the hurricanes to win in a close game.
Tahs, Tahs, Tahs!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first and only time I will ever say that....... Hopefully N-K will start at Inside and Rogers outside of fullback. Halangahu come on! Then Tahs to win the Final. There Aussies, yes, but I hate them - I hate the Crusaders more!
Cmon the Tahs the last Aussie hope. If Ewen picks the right backline we will see a much better effort from the Tahs.
the teams

NSW Waratahs: 15. Mat Rogers,14. Peter Hewat, 13. Morgan Turinui, 12. Sam Norton-Knight, 11. Lote Tuqiri, 10. Daniel Halangahu, 9. Chris Whitaker (capt), 8. Stephen Hoiles, 7. Phil Waugh, 6. Rocky Elsom, 5. Dan Vickerman, 4. Al Kanaar, 3. Al Baxter, 2. Adam Freier, 1. Benn Robinson. Reserves: Tatafu Polota-Nau, Matt Dunning, Will Caldwell, David Lyons, Brett Sheehan, Shaune Berne, Ben Jacobs, Chris Siale, Wycliff Palu (one to be omitted).

Hurricanes: 15. Isaia Toeava, 14. Lome Fa'atau, 13. Ma'a Nonu, 12. Tana Umaga, 11. Shannon Paku, 10. David Holwell, 9. Piri Weepu, 8. Rodney So'oialo (capt), 7. Chris Masoe, 6. Jerry Collins, 5. Jason Eaton/Luke Andrews, 4. Paul ***o, 3. Neemia Tialata, 2. Andrew Hore, 1. John Schwalger. Res: 16. Luke Mahoney, 17. Joe McDonnell, 18. Luke Andrews/Ross Kennedy, 19. Thomas Waldrom, 20. Brendan Haami, 21. Jimmy Gopperth, 22. Tamati Ellison
Fingers crossed Eaton's fit... this should be a classic, specially if the Canes can lift in attack... Rogers at 15 - interesting.
I'm going for the Canes... ***o's back, Eaton as possibility, look at the Canes lose trio, Canes mid field... Canes!
Originally posted by esoj@May 17 2006, 11:20 AM
NSW Waratahs: 12. Sam Norton-Knight, 10. Daniel Halangahu 5. Dan Vickerman, 2. Adam Freier, Reserves: Tatafu Polota-Nau
Wow, I might have to support the Tahs in the finals now and not the Bulls! Five former-Brumbies! FIVE! Six if you count Ewen... SIX!

And go Halangahu! :bravo:
You know us Brumbies the product of great players :)
Great to see Rogers at fullback and Norton Knight at 12. This is definitely the best side.
i am going for an early trip home from work i think

looks busy out there not and its only 1130

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