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Super 14 TV Advert



Howdi All

Not too sure if you Oz/Nz guys get to see the advert, but I'm pretty sure it was made in one of your countries, as ours are usually bland and devoid of any coolness, for want of a better word.

It's the one of the kid in a laundromat, who is soon joined by a host of Super 14 players who come in to do their laundry. It was aired last year as well.

Anyway, I just wanna know if the song was expressly made for the Ad, or if it's an actual commercial hit. The main lyrics are "I'm gonna be there", pretty much repeated continuously.

If it is a dinkum song, does anyone know the band/singer?


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O'roth, that hasn't worked.
Were you trying to post the advert, coz i'd love to see it.
Yeah look, it's pure cheddar, but it's a great new spin on things. Who'd have thought rugby blokes in a laundromat would be a good idea? I reckon the marketing exec got a few raised eyebrows during the boardroom proposal...shitty thing though is that beacuse it was made last year, Brent Russel and Jaque are wearing their old teams' jerseys.

Any ideas on the song still?
Yeah i remember that ad from last year, no idea what the song is though.

I'm pretty sure they filmed that ad in some random eastern european country,cant remember which one, i just remember thinking it was a pretty odd place to film a S14 commercial.

This year we have a bunch of new ads of rugby players and the general public playing in the streets, not very original.

I like the Western Force ads they're playing over here in perth, this one's pretty funny... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNz0H3lWoBg
Gotta say, British Sky Sports do always make pretty cool adverts.
I particularly enjoyed that one.

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