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Tall Blacks v Boomers



Anyone watching the game in Hamilton? Australia is leading New Zealand 21-14 into the second quarter, Shane Heal is on fire.

The haka was actually performed pretty well, considering only one of them looked slightly Maori.
No sorry I ain't watching it cos we don't have any babes at that level playing.

Anyone for tennis?
Sorry...we are talking about the netball are we? Oh what the hell...I have no idea what is going on sometimes with kiwi sport unless it is rugby.
Oh my gosh!!! we are beating the aussies at something and the only people who give a damn are the aussies????!!!! Maybe the rest of NZ will find out about tonights win in 7 weeks time when the tri-nations is over.
Half time score
Tall Blacks:28
Stupid Tall Blacks in the last min and a half the Aussies scored 10 to the Tall Blacks 1

Australia are up 36-28 at three quarter time. That doesn't really complement New Zealand's work during the quarter.

This is basketball Gay-Guy..
Originally posted by All_Blacks_Hurricanes_Lions_Fan@Jul 9 2004, 10:26 PM
Half time score
Tall Blacks:28
Stupid Tall Blacks in the last min and a half the Aussies scored 10 to the Tall Blacks 1
Wasn't that three pointer at the bell counted?
36-28 at three quarter time to Australia? No wonder we aren't watching it or actually give a something. We DEFINITELY will hear about this game after the tri-nations.
Yeah it was but i didnt see it so u are right u are also right abut Shane Heal damn shooting threes from everywhere
Mid way through third quarter i give up were F#ked the Boomers are pulling away too much for the Tall Blacks to pull back 54-32 to the Boomers
Yeah we seem to be running away with it now. Yay CJ Bruton is getting some time on the court.

What are the TB ranked in the world?
If the last basketball world cup is anything to go by (English rugby fans would say yes) then fourth. Current status....fourth to last.
Originally posted by Gay-Guy@Jul 10 2004, 12:45 AM
Probably something the Warriors would have been reasonably happy with
Aussie probaly got 100 or near it
End score was 60-90 I think. This series should put us in a good position for Athens.

01. YUG 988
02. USA 953
03. LTU 535
04. ARG 514
05. ESP 403
06. RUS 393
07. AUS 344
08. PUR 318
09. ITA 277
10. BRA 276.8
11. FRA 263
12. GRE 244
13. CHN 235
14. CAN 216.2
15. CRO 211
16. GER 203
17. ANG 167
18. TUR 149
19. KOR 146
20. NZL 145
Well what do u know we are 20th in the world wow what a slide hopfully thie series should help us providing we dont get whipped

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