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    for ppl who watch northern hemisphere rugby dont the european clubs seem a bit out of date like i only know this because im tongan and i know where tongan players play club rugby.

    for example seti kiole isnt he starting winger for gloucester and what about pila fifita isnt he in saracens squad?

    i think this would be the same for ppl who love canadas team and when they go to pick a squad for a tournament in rugby 2005 alot of star players arent there im satisfied with the players they have for selection for fiji samoa tonga but there are a few players missing.

    id like it if theyd also allow double nationality in the game dont you think for example sivivatu should be up for nz or fiji selection in the game and once hes on either squad his nationality stays there.

    guys like ai'i,kinikinilau,tuitavake,crichton,vanisi,tu'ipulotu.
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  3. For a start:

    Saracens arn't in the game, and

    If the gloucester guy signed during this season he won't be eligible for europe, seen as he wasnt signed before the season/campaign.


    well maby you could help me out his name is seti kiole i think your right he probably got sighned this season and i just noticed saracens arent in the game was wondering why i couldnt pick taine randel for my all blacks squad my bad anyway.

    but yea off topic any one who follows the northern hemisphere clubs could you let me know how seti kiole is doing for goucester and if pita fifita is starting for sars then id like to know how hes doing as well.
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    Dear God.

    Do you own a Bring Back Buck sign? [​IMG]


    lol i think hes a better blindside flanker than thorne and gibbes i dont know i liked him as a player.I also thought flavell and him couldve contributed more than they did what ever happened to flavell one year he was like the best blindside flnaker or lock and then he falls off the map kind of like ron crib what ever happened.
  7. ok that would have to be the no.1 most dumbest thing i have herd on this forum. in real life you have not got double nationationally. once you played for a international team, you cant get into another (one of the reasons why caucauinbuca left for eruope, other being money)


    exactly sambad which is why i said have double nationality because players like sivivatu havnt played for fiji or the all blacks so put both and once uve selected a team he stays there for good u get it now.

    and in real life you do have double nationality ai'i has the chance to play for samoa or the all blacks untill he plays for one hes eligible for both untill he plays for one he stays there and is no longer eligible for the other country.

    this idea isnt stupid because in the game guys like tane tu'ipulotu are only eligible for nz when hes eligible for tonga as well and it would be great to choose which country he could play for thats what i meant when i said double nationality.
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    Ai'i played for us in 7's so now he can only play for us.
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    steve devine played for aussie in 7s and hes played for the all blacks, dont know where you got that one from, 7s is a differnt sport to rugby, just like leage is diff 2 rugby, differnt number of players on pitch, differnt rules (kick off after you score) so the laws are the same as if you play lege and union for differnt countties
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    No no....

    he got a controversial dispensation...but was originally not allowed to be an AB because of the sevens.

    Rugby is rugby....7s or 15s.
  12. back to the topic...The celtic teams are ok, but i never really looked at the french or italians sides.


    who cares if he had a controversial dispension if he could i dont see why ai'i couldnt so this double natinality makes sense even if its not really a big deal but i liked to pick more players for the tongan squad or whatever the case might be.
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