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When it comes to tennis games, which one is the best? I remember playing a cool one on Xbox a while ago but I don't remember what it's called, or if it's on PC.
Can't help you there, as the last tennis game I played was "Super Tennis" on the Super Nintendo.

And I loved it.
Top Spin - got it for PC.

This will probably be the one your talking about Wally, it just came out for PC after being released on xbox last year.
Top Spin, that's the one. Is it any good, how many licensed tournaments/players are there?

Cheers dude
18 Players (including lleyton) and then some generic players.

Don't think the tourneys are licensed - but their is many diff courts you can play on, from the 4 grand slams to 'playground' courts.

The game is good, smooth, and has each players animations - serve, backhand etc etc...
I'm downloading the demo. I've really gotten into tennis since Christmas. Been playing alot and getting stuck into the Australian Open. Is there like a season mode where you can compete in all grand slams and work your way up to number 1? And finally do they the Australian Open at Melbourne Park, or is it called something else at a made up arena?
I always like Tennis this time of the year - great veiwing time for NZ with the Aus open.
Yeah, it's a great time of the year for tennis. If you don't mind could you answer my other two questions? Seems to have gotten good reviews.
are they gonna make a topspin 2
because a liked the first so it think a second one would be good
Okay this is what I gathered from the demo. Graphics and animations are really smooth and great. The Australian Open is not licensed, in the demo it's called the Oceania Open and is played in a made up Melbourne venue. The umpire's voice is really annoying and he sounds like a computer. The gameplay seems really slow, maybe it's like this in all tennis games but I don't remember it like that on Xbox.
The gameplay is very smooth on XBox, effortless would be the word for the frame rate.

The players movements are very similar to real life....actually they play a bit better in the game.

You can create some serious babes in womens career mode.

It is x box online.....and with a very good competition

There is no such thing as a 100% maxed out career. You have to select from a range of options when creating your player. The wrong choices in the combinations of stars/skills/natural talents/etc can really work against you. This makes playing against other peoples profiles very interesting.
Originally posted by Wally@Jan 29 2005, 03:37 PM
DSL something or rather. Is the gameplay sort of slow in the real version as well?
It does seem a bit slow sometimes - and the ball seems to big and too yellow. I find i can already win on hard, so its not a difficult game.
Would you recommend it for someone who has never owned a tennis game before? This is for PC remember. How does it go online?
I've never owned a tennis game either, apart from this one. Haven't tried it online - don't get it if you don't like the demo though
I do like the demo, just took me by surprise at how slow it was. Help me out with the controls if you can.

S: Power shot
D: Top or back sping
W: Return- I don't get it when serving

Am I supposed to play the shot when the bar gets to the middle, does before the bar mean the shot will be short and vice versa?
Originally posted by Wally@Jan 29 2005, 06:30 PM
Am I supposed to play the shot when the bar gets to the middle, does before the bar mean the shot will be short and vice versa?
Yes, in the middle. You do the 'risk' serve for your first serve then you use either one of the other 3 so the ball goes in for your 2nd serve. Their is your standard shot, lob, drop shot, top spin and slice shots available - not sure on the keys as i use a gamepad.
I have virtua tennis atm, its a pretty solid game. The gameplay is more arcadey than top spin i think, even though I have not played top spin, im guessing it is a simulation-style game. Although Virtua Tennis is old its still a good game.
I unadvise top spin. At first the game seemed gr8 bt after u realise that there is a pattern to win the point and also it bcomes dull. THe court is also small in comparison with the players! Graphics and realism of shots are good but gamepley is repetitive and franky crap.

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